Bio: Short version for those with short attention span (i'm one of these!): Christian/Husband of 1 wife over 34 years/Father/average guy with big God & dreams/Cancer survivor/Many Goals yet to achieve- Writer/Mentor/Leading home fellowship in SoCal Long Version for you patient ones: Hello, my name is Oscar Roca and I welcome you to my new blog. I hope that when you are here reading my posts, you will find a sense of enjoyment and also of truth… but before all that, I would like to take the time to tell you a few things about myself: 1. I am an average Christian guy whose faith is growing every day and who serves a mighty God. 2. I am a husband of 1 wife who has put up with me over 30 years (She serves a huge God who has given her much patience)! 3. A father of 2 lovely young ladies who surprise me every once in a while with their decisions on faith. I have also added a son to our family. He is a good husband to my oldest daughter and I could not be happier with her choice. 4. I am a cancer survivor going on 4 years and hence, this blog (I’ll get into detail even more a few numbers down). 5. I am serving God with a home fellowship and continue in my studies in Biblical Theology. 6. I am not wasting time and I don’t worry about the small things anymore. After the cancer, I realized that life is very precious and that what we do here on earth will have an impact on our kids and their kids. 7. I am writing 3 books, One which is done and getting the final editing; two books that are in their early stages, and a hundred ideas of what the next few books will be on! One day, I had a Selah moment. Selah moments are those moments that just make you stop everything you’re doing and really think about whatever it is you’re thinking or reading or looking at. The word Selah is used a few times in the Book of Psalms wherever the writer wanted to get something across that would have you stop reading the Psalm and just chew on or meditate or think of the sentences or verses you were reading. It was meant to have you stop everything and concentrate on those life lessons the Psalmist was trying to get across. My Selah moment was just after my cancer operation. I knew I needed to reevaluate a bunch of things that were not really important to me. Things that I was doing that needed to be deleted from my life. I also thought of other things that needed to get priority in my life. Some of those I will be posting and the new ones, such as writing are the beneficiaries of that Selah moment. So please, I invite you once again to read my posts and come back to get some of those Selah please be still moments.

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