Passion Week Prayer For The Persecuted Church

Lord, we come before You on this most precious of weeks. We look forward to Your glorious return.

FullSizeRender.jpgI pray for our brothers and sister being persecuted and killed for Your name.

I ask for Your protection for those suffering horrifically for You.

You told us that this would happen to Your followers because of You. The world hates You and thus, will hate us.

Give my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ Your protection. Offer them your peace and comfort to give them strength. You know what they are going through because during this time period, You suffered humiliation, pain, despair and agonizing death.

I lift up those that are killing Christians because of their personal fears and ignorance. They don’t know You and therefore don’t know the saving grace and peace only You can give to them. I ask that You continue showing Yourself to them so that they come to the saving knowledge of Your Son Jesus the only Savior of the world.

May Your hand always be upon us. In Jesus mighty and glorious name, Amen.


Matthew 5:44, Matthew 23:34, Luke 11:49, Luke 21:12, John 7:7, John 15:18 & 20, Romans 12:14,

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