Month of Giving Thanks-Day 18

My Paradise with Him regained:


Paradise Regained.png


I am thankful for the free gift of eternal salvation that Jesus gave me. Most people think that believing in Christ is like living life with a crutch. They think it weak to have faith in God. They assume that the helpless are the only ones that need a savior. They believe that only small-minded people who can’t succeed at being good are like all Christians.
They rely on the power of their own minds to get them by in life. They think their life is in their hands, I have a question for them. Their mantra is, “Try to lead a good life and that’s what you only need to make it to heaven.”
For those that believe that they control their personal life and that is all they need to get to heaven, I ask them just two questions:

~ Why is it that when you fail at something, you feel angry and disappointed?
~ What happens when you die?

Being human comes with a price. The price is a fleshly weakness. The weakness is also compelling. Because it shows us what our spirit has been telling us. That even though we try and try, we need a higher power to get us through.
Why? Because even the most influential people will tell you, that life is much more than being powerful or wealthy. That life has another meaning.
The true meaning of life is to commune with and to glorify God through His Son Jesus who volunteered Himself to fix humanity’s problem.
The problem is that we, human beings, are out of God’s reach through our own measures.
The problem is that we have been born to parents and ancestors who broke away from God to try to do things their own way.
The problem of humanity is that we are no longer close to nature. And the reason why we always want to “get back to nature” is that we are no longer one with the God of nature.
God was once dwelling alongside humans until they decided not to listen to Him.
Since then, we have been battling to find our little piece of “paradise” here on earth. It hasn’t worked out for us. It did not work out for our ancestors, and this is the reason why Jesus the One whom they call the Messiah of Israel or should I say, the Savior of the whole world had to be born like a human being, He lived like us, but He died on a cross for us. He had to give Himself to death in order to have humanity reconnect with Him when He resurrected back to life.
All because we wanted to live independently away from Him.
When we severed our relationship with God in the Garden of Eden, He had already figured out a way to get us back into one with Him.
God had to kick humans out of paradise and away from His glorious holiness because a perfect Being in a pure utopia could not have a virus of rebellion spreading inside a place of perfection.
He had to make them leave since they no longer were in perfect harmony with what He had created, which was a perfect atmosphere in a perfect setting, which was also void of anything corrupt. That is until Adam and Eve sinned against their Holy Creator.
This is where Jesus comes in. You see, a perfect Creator could come down into this life and become a perfect human. That is what Jesus had to do. He came down from heaven and became one of us in almost everything except sinning.

Jesus cried and laughed. He ate food and drank water. He expelled food and water from His body the same way we do. The only difference is that he never sinned.

It is only in His sinless life that humanity could once again connect with perfection. It is only through Jesus that God the Father could be able to walk with us and once again dwell among us. Jesus sacrificed His perfect and sinless body, mind and Spirit for our sakes. So that those who would believe in Him would have a rebirth, not the kind that humans have but the kind that heaven can, which is in the spirit.
Adam and Eve sinned, and therefore their bodies became weak. How? Their connection to the infinite was disconnected. This weakness was manifested in bodies which started deteriorating, until one day, Adam’s body no longer had the strength or will to go on, and his flesh died. So did eve, and the rest of their children and their children after that.
Which leads us to me and my weakness. Without the saving power of Christ, my mortal flesh will one day also give up. But my spirit will be free to reconnect with my Creator fully.
This is what Jesus did for me. He came to set me free of the power of death’s sting. Sure my body will one day die, but when this happens, my spirit will be set free to fly like an eagle and take to the sky.

Then and only then will my “crutch” be taken out and then and only then will my spirit soar to greater heights of awareness and a keen sense of knowing where I truly belong, which is walking alongside my Lord and my God, like it should have been from the beginning of time…