A Call to Prayer

I will declare Your name to My brethren;
In the midst of the assembly I will praise You.      Psalm 22 NKJV

I just read about Christians in Australia who have gotten together and have also asked the rest of the world to pray for our country.
To our fellow Aussie Christian Brethren, I thank You and will come along side of You to pray for Your country and mine:
Lord, I am joining our Australian brethren and lifting up this country. This country that You had Your hand in from its onset. This country that has sent out more missionaries than any other in the history of humanity. You have given us so much and we deserve si little. Lord I want to thank You for Your Providence upon this country and ask that You first and foremost forgive us our sins. I look upon You as our sovereign Lord and Savior. I ask that Your favorable hand be upon this country once again.
Father, we have trespassed against You time and time again and I am included in these trespasses.
I ask that You be graceful merciful with us and that You provide the guidance and protection that we desperately desire and need.
I lift up the leadership in this country and ask that You forgive them for their lack of Godly leadership.
I ask You to forgive us for killing the innocents every day. Lord this last thing I ask mainly because I know that You are the Defender of the helpless and that You are a jealous God, who will protect those that can’t defend themselves.
Lord I ask for my beloved country to come back to You. That our prideful hearts come back to You and that we have such a revival as their never has been.
Lord, I also lift up our Australian brethren whom You have laid in their hearts to pray for my country. I ask that You also protect them and that You have Your hand upon them and bless them.
Father, bring us back to You and may we never forget that You alone are the One that raise Kings up and brings them down.
We love You Lord and we thank You for what You are about to do in this country.
In Jesus’ name, I pray this.

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