The Way of Restoration of a Nation Part I

“The leaders in Jerusalem are like a wolf eating the animal it has caught. They attack people and kill them just to get rich.

Ezekiel 22:27 Easy to Read Version

You would have to be in total isolation and away from the culture in order for you not to see or hear what’s been happening in the USA lately.
I don’t have cable or TV on purpose and still, I get all the information on social media. Ferguson and Baltimore, they’re on fire.

We hear from both side of the coin:

One side says that they are being taken advantage of. That the police all over the country are racist and that their needs to be a change from the racism that permeates through the rank and file of the police departments throughout our land. That they are tired of being harassed. That the young men and women that are being purposefully targeted are African American. These young men and women are being shot at and killed because of the color of their skin.
People are tired of it, and instead of assembling together in a peaceful way, they have taken to the streets to create destruction. They are generating the annihilation of businesses throughout the cities. I’ve not seen this kind of devastation since the 80s.
This side also says that the will not stop until justice is done and those that have hurt their demographic suffer for it.

Then there’s the other side. This side says that all the people demonstrating our bunch of hoodlums and ignorant people. That all they care about is to cause destruction and devastation anywhere they go. The side says got the demonstrators are just looking to break things and to hurt people. This side also says that The police are innocent of all charges against them. They want the demonstrations to stop and for the demonstrators to go home in peace. This side also says that those demonstrators are thugs and thieves that are looking for any excuse to wreak havoc on society. They do not want to deal with them nor do they want to share their pleas.

Here is my take on this.
Both sides are wrong. I look at the facts on both sides, I get it. I see why people are angry, I get it. I don’t see the reaction or resulting destruction, that is wrong. It is wrong because God says it is. Whether you are a Christian or not, this society has rules and laws. What is happening here is anarchy and when this happens, it is because the people have lost their sense of right and wrong.

It starts with our leadership. From the President and his cabinet to the Congress on both sides of the aisle.
Anytime you have opposing sides, you need to take a step back and look at things objectively. Both are not doing that and, therefore, the vicious cycle will never end. It is time for opposing Peoples to calmly sit together without pointing the finger at each other. We do not need instigators that come from the outside to incite and make gains from tragedies such as this. They are part of the problem. They ignite instead than calm down. They divide rather than unite. They are for their own selfish ambitions and will ruin cities just to get their way. They call themselves “Reverends” but in reality they are wolves and wolves devour, they encircle their prey. When they have encircled their prey then, they go for the kill and usually it is the weakest of the prey. This is what these so-called Reverends and false leaders are doing.Black and white handshake

It is time for both sides to take a step back and recognize their own faults. It is time for both views to listen to what the other side is saying. This nation (my country) and our culture, is at the stake of losing itself. Our psyche as a people, is schizophrenic.
It is time to put our differences aside and think of the next generation of Americans. But I am afraid for our country. Because of the fact that most people are remarkably selfish today. All they want are things for themselves. People seem to be into the Me culture where the love-of-self comes before all.
I don’t know about you, but that sure makes me very disappointed and angry. The anger is directed at me. I have allowed this to go on for far too long.
It starts with me and ends with you. We are all responsible for what is going on in this country. The reason is because we have not stopped the Me culture that is permeated thru our society.

There was a time when our culture was not so bad. I grew up in the late 60s and early 70s. I can remember moving to another area of town. I was six years old when I heard my first racial slur coming my way. They called us Taco People. I did not know why but I do remember thinking that those ignorant people were making me uncomfortable. I grew up with people like this. I also grew up with friends of different ethnicities and came to the realization that every ethnicity has their racists and that every ethnicity has their own problems to deal with. But I did not allow this small percentage of people to get to me. I knew even from my youth that if I allowed outsiders to influence what I was and what I would become, then it would have been my fault, not theirs.

Back then, I remember the times I would allow my manners to disappear, I also reminisce on what would happen to me after I would mouth off or not listen to the instruction of my parents. There were consequences.
One thing I do know, that it takes a generation or about 40-50 years for society to lose its morals or get better. This all started with the first Me generation. They called it a culture of love and peace but in reality, it was the beginning of modern man’s rebellion against authorities of every kind. Again, was society perfect? No, it was not, yet because of the generation that instilled selfish love and love of self instead of thinking of the long term consequences of their rebellion, they decided to change the culture. The after effects can be felt even now.
I cannot help what would have been had our society in this country allowed for the word of God to be taught in our schools.

The disappearance of society’s morality will be on Part II of my next post.

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