The Simplicity of the Gospel Message

“22 Because indeed Jews are asking-for signs and Greeks are seeking wisdom, 23 but we are proclaiming Christ crucified— to Jews, an offense; and to Gentiles, foolishness;”

The 1st Epistle to the Corinthian Church Chapter 1 verses 22 &23 Disciples’ Literal New Testament (DLNT)

I have recently been speaking to a few people who come to my study about the simplicity of the Gospel. The communication has been wonderful. I see huge growth in all of us. I see the amazing simplicity of the Gospel at work.

One of the young men who has an incredibly kind heart, has struggled with his faith lately, and asked me a few things that led to an all nighter!! (Yes! like old times when I would party until the next day! But totally opposite of it.) You see, he and I spent time talking about the Lord and why his faith was in question.


After a few nights like this, I came to the realization that his faith was not wavering. What it was, was the way he has been presented with the Gospel message and what it is to be a Christian.

“I let him know that what he thought was his faith was a giant hamster wheel that was keeping him busy but not getting him anywhere.”

We can often times think that serving more, or being better Christians or doing more chores around the house will get us extra brownie points with God.  But in reality, God loves us just because. Yes, that’s right, we can’t do anymore or any less for Him to love us. He will always love us whether we are good or whether we stumble at times.

“Wait, you mean that I can’t do more for God Oscar?”  No, you can’t. He will not change His mind about us whether we serve another day or not. We serve him because it the love we have for Him is an extension of the incredible love that He showed us by having His Son Jesus die on the cross. That love He showed us by taking our sins or wrongs that we have committed in our lifetimes.  Making us right with His righteous judgement of the wrongs we have done through Jesus taking our sins and dying on the cross instead of us. But wait there’s more! Jesus has already paid the price for any of our future sins too. Does that mean we can take advantage of it?

My answer to that question is usually, go ahead, tag you’re it! You are an adult go ahead and take advantage of the One who loves you so abundantly and unconditionally! Go ahead and take advantage of the freedom of the Grace and Mercy of the Creator of the universe. Go ahead and do what you want, after all, you will have to look Jesus in the eye and explain your actions. As for me, I will not take that chance. Even if I could I would not.

Usually when I say this, the person on the receiving end will quickly lose the smile on their face. Why, you ask? Because when we realize the wonderful simplicity of it all:

  • God’s Son came down from Heaven
  • and took His place among mere humans.
  • That he grew up like one of us, being tempted by the every day things of life.
  • That he never gave in to these temptations and that He died a horrible death for us.
  • That by Jesus dying on that cross, He once and for all conquered what we will never be able to, death and it’s sting (1 Corinthians 15:55) of leaving us outside of His heavenly realm because of all our wrongs we did in life.

You see, the simplicity f the Gospel is this,

  • Jesus died for you and me.
  • He resurrected back to life for you and me.
  • He went back to His heavenly throne for you and me.
  • He will one day call you and me up to be with Him.
  • Jesus left us here in the meantime to let others know about what He did on the cross for them.
  • We are to communicate with Him constantly.
  • We are to point everyone to Jesus and what He did on the cross.
  • We are to live like an example to those that don’t know Him.
  • We are to take care of those that are defenseless, the widows and the orphans.

The rest of the things we do for Him are secondary priorities. Yes, secondary. If you find yourself burned out in your Christian faith or in service to Him, please stop doing what you are doing and wait for God to guide you back with proper directions.

If you don’t know God and His incredible peace and guidance He gives those that know Him personally. Or if you are in the hamster wheel of life without seen any hope for your future, I would invite you to ask God to help you with this.

He can help you through the hardship of this world. Just ask Jesus to help you. Ask him to take the guilt away from you. Give God everything weighing your heart and mind down. You will find that giving Jesus your burdens, He will carry them for you and make your life a lighter load to handle (Matthew 11:30).

What do you need to do?

  • So ask Jesus into your life, and make your life simple.
  • No, God will not make you skip through a field of sunflowers problem free.
  • What He will do, is guide you out of the land mines under that sunflower field.


Whether you are a Christian or one of those that is questioning your existence, make a decision today and get off the hamster wheel that is getting you nowhere and take the first steps to your renewed life…


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