“The Selfie Zombie Invasion”

I would like to apologize ahead of time, to those who have fallen under this all-encompassing influence. I call this symptom of our society, a very powerful and persuasive beam of light that hits all of us at one time or another. Just like those old popular science fiction programs which show a ship unable to reach Mach 4 because of a traction beam.

The beam is so powerful that the captain of the ship which is trapped by an unbreakable, invisible grip gets unbelievable desperate to escape. And before we know what happens next, the program cuts to a commercial. Once the TV program is back, you hear the captain of the space ship yell out to his engineering person to do whatever it takes to escape the invisible clutches of that enemy’s death grip.

In life, we don’t have to worry about that traction beam or enemies from other planets. What we do have to watch out for is the ever-powerful presence of the selfie wand or stick or pole that you see more and more.
Unless you are a video blogger or a professional travel personality, you have to be careful. Careful of the incredible pull this magic selfie witches wand has on people.

I have seen people walking around like crazed out zombies, not paying attention to anyone or anything.
Some, like those less fortunate one episode characters on our favorite TV shows, may live to regret crossing a street or bumping into the wrong person because of their self-absorption of trying to get the best possible shot of themselves.


We interrupt this Science Fiction space program to bring you the latest news….

All kidding aside, here are questions that I want to ask myself about these selfie extenders or whatever other names they may be calling them.

1. Has our culture become so self-absorbed that we need to take pictures of ourselves so much, that we need this type of equipment?
2. Has our society become so selfish that individuals think it okay to walk around everywhere with the things in front of them that may be a distraction to motorists or others walking around them?
3. Is this a symptom of the “me” culture that has become the norm?
4. Are you one of the “Selfie Zombies” that have been seen walking around in a coma-like state of “Meism”?

One more thing, we all have the propensity to fall into the “me” traction beam. It is something that is deep inside of every one of us. The Bible states that all of us have sinned and our hearts are evil (Hebrew Old Testament Scriptures, book of Jeremiah chapter 17 verse 9, Greek New Testament scriptures book of Romans chapter 3 verse 23). So evil that we are desperately wicked.
The apostle Paul tells us in the Second Letter to the Corinthian Church chapter 3 verses 1-2, that people in modern times will be lovers of themselves. A better way to put it, putting ourselves first before anyone else.

Bill Nye takes a selfie with US President Barack Obama and Neil deGrasse Tyson at the White House
Bill Nye takes a selfie with US President Barack Obama and Neil deGrasse Tyson at the White House

The real questions we should ask ourselves are these:

1. Am I going to die a horrible death of I don’t take one more selfie?
2. Am I getting too absorbed and into myself to the point that I would rather take pictures of myself; and not relive the moments I have spent with my family and friends? By taking pictures of them and not of myself?
3. Do I have such low self-esteem that I need to post a picture of myself every single day for others to give me the attention I crave? And if so, why has it come to this point for me.
4. If I get this selfie wand or stick or extender, will it fulfill me? In other words, will the craving for self-worth be appeased?

God has answers for us. He tells us to become unselfish. To love God first and others second (Hebrew Old Testament Scriptures, the book of Deuteronomy chapter 11 verse 13, Greek New Testament scriptures Gospel book of Matthew chapter 22 verses 37 thru 40).
When I take my eyes away from me and start placing them on others, I lose myself in the moment. And at that moment I lose myself to others, my inner-self comes out. The inner-self that tells me that serving others is the best thing for me physically, mentally and spiritually.

So the next time you may have an urge to take a selfie or to go and buy that wand or stick or extender (whatever you call it), think of God first. Ask yourself if taking a selfie is going to glorify Him or you.

You ever notice that the world’s greatest works of art have come from artists that painted outside of themselves?
Hmmm….. Wonder why those masterpiece paintings have lasted so long….

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