Making A Lasting Resolution


Footprints by Oscar Roca
Footprints by Oscar Roca


January brings a new perspective on life.
Now that we are on the second week of the year and the holidays have passed, it’s time to take out your compasses. No, not the physical ones but the mental ones. You need to see if you are on course for the goals and resolutions you decided to carry out this year.

New Year’s brings us to a fork on the road.

To some, it brings new resolutions. To others it brings a new beginning to start fresh or from scratch. To others, it brings an eternal perspective.
You see, goals and resolutions are great ways to start the new year.
Most of us set goals that we want to accomplish. Businesses sit down with their employees and jot down plans to make this year productive.
Men and women decide to go to the gym seven days a week.
Some decide to run a marathon. Others decide to finish school. Yet others want to start reading a book a month. Whatever your goals and resolutions are, only about eight percent of those who set goals will achieve them.
I want to tell you about the most important resolution you can make. This is of the gravest importance. Because you can’t fail this one.
Now that you have taken care of your mental and physical goals, o want you to take care of your spiritual resolution….record scratch….wait what did you just say?
Yes, I didn’t stutter nor did I speak in a foreign tongue….
Make today the day this year that you decide to commit yourself to Jesus the One they call Christ.
Unlike the rest of the resolutions you make, this one has eternal consequences.
In chapter 3 of the Gospel of John, verse 16 it stars that God loves humanity so much that His Son became human and sacrificed Himself for the sake of our wrongdoings. Jesus died on the cross to pay for the sins that we have and will commit (Romans 5:6). Jesus did this to have an eternal relationship with us. That’s how much God loves us. He was willing to get off His throne and debase Himself by becoming human. I don’t understand why or how but God came down and allowed Himself to die for all of us. He paid the price so we wouldn’t have to (Romans 5:8&9).
Don’t wait for the New Year to continue without making a decision to commit yourself to Christ. It will be the best eternal resolution you’ll ever make.

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