This Isn’t Your Mom’s Gingerbread House!

In a little town called “House of Bread”

There came a baby who would one day

Raise people from the dead

His life sacrificed on a tree

Breaking the chains & bonds

Setting all of mankind free

Oh Star you point the way

To a baby who in a manger lay

The Holy Night would bring

A new chapter with the break of day

Shining Star
Shining Star from Desktop

This season no matter what part of the world one comes from, everything else takes a backseat to the special moment in eternity when the Creator of the universe came down and lived among us.
About two thousand years ago in a tiny hole in the wall town that most Israelites would not even give a second look to, a baby was born.
“What is the big deal? There are millions of babies born is small towns in every country in the world,” you say.
Yes, this is true. But two thousand years ago, in Bethlehem of Judea, a prophecy or prediction was foretold which stated that the world would see a few incredible signs. These signs would lead to a baby being born that would usher in a new kingdom. This kingdom would be from God Himself. God Himself would come down and inhabit the earth among us. He would be born of a virgin. He would grow up in the North in another no-town,(at the time)called Nazareth in Galilee.
This earthly manifestation of Immanuel or God-with-us would shine a light on this dark world. He would usher in peace that had not ever been seen since the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden.
You see, right from the time our first ancestors fell from grace, God already had a plan. He would send His only Son to fix this fall from grace.
His Son’s name is Jesus and he was born in the tiniest of villages called Bethlehem or House of Bread. Even in the town’s name we can see God giving us a hint of what His Son would do for us. You see, about thirty-three years later, Jesus would tell everyone that He was the, “bread of life” (Gospel of John Chapter 6 verse 35).
On what the Jewish folks call the Passover or what we Christians know as the Last Supper, Jesus again mentions this Bread thing… He (Jesus) gave His disciples bread and said,… “This is my body, broken for you.”

The two things Jesus mentions is that He is to be Our bread of life and that He, the Living Bread or Living God will sustain us. Jesus showed his disciples how He would be broken for us as a piece of bread is broken to be passed around with family members, nourishing their bodies.
Jesus’ disciples did not know what He meant at the time He said this. He wasn’t saying that the flat loaf of bread He was breaking up into bite size pieces was His actual body. What He was saying, was that the future action of dying a gruesome death on a  death device called a cross would be the way that Jesus would be broken, for us to have eternal spiritual sustenance.
His body sacrificed on the cross would make an end to the fall from grace of Adam and Eve and subsequently, all of human kind.
On that quiet and peaceful night two thousand years ago, when the Star was shining so bright for the Magi from Babylon to make their way to this tiny House of Bread village, God had already planned His own death on a cross thirty something years later.
The proof you ask? The three gifts that were given to this innocent baby were given to someone who would be perceived as a King. A King who seemed to be ready to die. Why else would these wise men include gifts for this newborn which included materials for embalming?

Very costly and only the wealthy could give and receive it.

This very valuable oil or oil resin was worth so much money at in the First Century, that the average Israelite could not afford to buy it. Yet this was one of the ingredients used to make incense for the Jewish Temple. This spice was also used to embalm the ancient and powerful kings like the Pharaohs of Egypt.

Was even more expensive than Frankincense. This spice was also used for kings and for healing various skin and stomach ailments.

Here is my take on the gifts. You can of course, have your own opinions on the significance of the three gifts.
1. With the gift of gold, it was if the Magi were telling Joseph and Mary that this God-With-Us (Immanuel), baby Jesus was to be a powerful King.
2. This powerful King would also be a Righteous Priest who would be able to plead for our prayers Himself.
3. He would one day die a horrible death and be buried like the world’s most powerful contemporaries. Frankincense and Myrrh would be used. These tow oils or resins fit for a Kingly burial.
So this Christmas, whether you believe the Christmas story or not, throughout the world, the Bread of Life will still be waiting for you to make up your mind. Are you willing to take the Bread that Jesus the King of Kings gives you freely?
This everlasting Christmas gift which will bring you peace if only you should take but a morsel… And have peace everlasting.
Because Jesus is Immanuel, the God who continues to dwell or live among us.

Genesis Chapter 3- The fall of Adam and Eve and the snake their enemy. Off-springs will be at war
Genesis Chapter 49 verse 10- The Kingly scepter returned to it’s rightful owner but the Jewish leadership did not see it.
Isaiah chapters 7, 8 (Immanuel) and 9 verses 1,2, 6 & 7- The darkness the people in the Northern Galilee area will see a light shine…speaking of Jesus’ coming and His ministry of grace and salvation for all mankind.
Micah chapter 5 verse 2- The prediction of Bethlehem being the town to usher in the Messiah of Israel or the Savior of the world.
Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to see Jesus fulfillment of all the Hebrew Scriptures or our Old testament Scriptures.

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