Jesus Our Sacrifice

The Lamb of God

This Sunday we will be celebrating  Jesus’ resurrection. I want to take the time to invite you to read about His life and death. He was not just a righteous man or a good teacher. He makes it clear where He stands as the God of the universe. The great I AM. You could find all this information in the Bible.

If you don’t know who Jesus is but have asked yourself some pretty important questions about where you stand in this life.  Or if you have searched for the meaning of your existence, I invite you to know Jesus in a personal and graceful way. Don’t wait. Life is too precious and too short to wait on such an important topic. A topic that has infinite consequences.

Why infinite? Because our lives are but a short pit stop to the life ever after. Some of you may be skeptical. Some may even sneer at the thought that we are spiritual creatures and that we will end up somewhere after our physical bodies are worn out enough for our spirits to be released into the heavenly realm.

This Sunday, Christians will celebrate the fact that Jesus died and rose again. He rose from death to break the bondage that was laid out in the garden. The garden where the first humans rebelled against God by doing the opposite of what The Almighty had told them to do. This had dire consequences for all people. A vicious cycle where people would be born, live life for about 70+ years and then when our bodies become too weak and frail, release our spirits to:

  1. Eternally be reunited with our Maker (God).
  2. Eternally be separated from our Maker (God)(Which I highly don’t recommend).

This separation takes place because of our rebellious thoughts. Selfish thoughts that make us think we can have heaven without God.

People think they can do things that are contrary to what God originally wanted for us. But they can’t.
For every action in this life, there will be a spiritual reaction if left unchecked.

But there is a way for you to take advantage of Jesus’ dying on the cross. I know it sounds weird to say take advantage of, but we when you think it through, this is what we are doing.  Why? because it should be us hanging on the cross instead of God Himself. Jesus is God. Plain and simple. Yes, you may have beliefs that say otherwise or you may not even believe there is a God in heaven. What people think of God and what or who He is, has no consequences on God being.
Let me say this once more, God is, whether you believe or not.

So if God is, this means He is there and there will be actions we all must face in the future when we meet our Creator. These actions will lead us to:

  1. Being reunited with God
  2. Being separated from God.

Which do you prefer to do? If you think there may be a slight chance that God exists, why not take the necessary steps to make sure you will be reunited with Him?

If you believe that God is not there, Ask yourself, what if I am wrong?

You see, there are far too many variables for you to roll the dice and say there is no God. I use the rolling of the dice because that is what you are doing, gambling whether God exists or not.

This weekend about two thousand years ago, Jesus died and came back to life. He has changed the course of History because it is after all, His Story to change.

I invite you to come to terms that:

  1. God exists.
  2. He came down from the heavens and became a man.
  3. His name is Jesus.
  4. He preached the grace and mercy of His story for all people.
  5. This grace gives us salvation, which means forgiveness of all the wrongdoings we have all done.
  6. You can’t buy, work or achieve this grace by yourself.
  7. These wrong doings are in complete rebellion with our relationship with God.
  8. We need to ask God to forgive us of all wrong we have done in this life.
  9. He will supernaturally erase or wipe all the wrongs you have done, never to remember them again. If you were a computer, it would be like wiping your hard drives with the most powerful of software programs in which no one could bring back any information erased.
  10. When you ask God to forgive you, ask Him to lead you into your new life.
  11. He will do the rest as long as you truly make a U-turn from all the wrongs you have done.
  12.  If you are ready to change your life or if you are tired of your present life and how you have gotten to this point, I want you to:
  • Ask God to forgive you.
  • And take all your sins away.
  • Ask God to help you live away form all your past sins.
  • Tell God you believe Jesus died for your sins on the cross. Wiping away the rebellion we all have lived at one point or another.
  • Ask God to be reunited in spirit with Him.
  • Find someone you know who is a Christian and let them know what you have just done.

For more information, you can leave a comment if you have any questions. I have included links for Bible websites where you can read electronically free.

You could also research your decision in the links below:

Billy Graham organization:                                                                   

Harvest Ministries:

Bible Gateway:

Blue Letter bible:

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