The Lost Generation Part II

This is a second part to the 5-11-2016 post:

There is a correlation between the Millennial Generation’s lack of morals and the moral truths of the Bible no longer holding the influence it once did in this nation.

Romans 12:1 says:
Therefore, I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. NASB

The first thing I would like to say is that I am not here to ruffle anyone’s feathers. I speak the things that I believe. These topics are topics that very few people want to discuss because we have become a nation of a tolerant middle of the road people.
I am here to speak a truth that comes from the only Book I take my learning from, the Bible. Yes, I’ve said it, the Bible. This Book that has become the subject of ridicule. You notice as the world gets darker, the Bible becomes more and more politically incorrect?

I have served the Christian community for decades. I have noticed a trend even in the church community. This trend is manifesting itself in our last generation. But this effect is not just on the Millennials, they are just a symptom of our whole society. The mark is seen severely in the last generation, but this is because they are the byproduct of the teaching and rearing of the earlier generations.

There is a correlation between the Millennial Generation’s lack of morals and the moral truths of the Bible no longer holding the influence it once did in this nation.

The first thing you have to ask yourself is this- What is a sacrifice? A sacrifice in the ancient times required people to bring an animal to lose its life for the sake of getting rid of our wrongdoing or breaking religious laws. But the real intent was two-fold, and I will not get into the real motives, but I will say that a sacrifice was to give up something for the sake of getting closer to God.
Ask yourself this too- Am I sacrificing anything in my life that keeps me from being an example to others?
You see, in this Me society, we have been taught to take what is ours because we deserve it. We have been told that if our lives are lacking anything, to ask society to give us what we want.
In baseball, we hear of a sacrifice bunt or fly. This means that the batter has sacrificed himself for the sake of his teammates who are already on base. The batter does this for the advancement of his team’s overall position to get a run in; hence bringing them closer to a win.
In life, some sacrifices need to be done. All societies need the unselfishness of their people. Yet, this is not clear in ours today. We live in a time that the selfish demands of a person override the needs of society.
We see it on TV all day. Protesters saying that only their ethnicity’s lives matter or those that whine about religious people over-stepping their boundaries by having scripture anywhere in public. Their fight is not because they want it to be a fair society, free of religious quotes or influence. Their argument is because of their selfish desires to mold others into the way they think.

We see political activists wanting to take from others who work hard for what they have attained. Only to give that hard earned money to the ones that for the most part, live off of society.
I have also seen a sinful trend. The, “If you don’t agree with my ideology, I will physically hurt you trend.”

All of the above groups scream out for tolerance, yet they are trying to overpower their selfish desire unto society; no matter what it costs. They are willing to hurt others in order to get what they want. Some of these groups represent a minuscule fraction of the population and yet, they want what they want at whatever the cost.

All these symptoms are from one thing and one thing alone. Society has forgotten the Moral Truths that were once the foundation of this country. These foundations were from the Bible. Yes, that same book that from the early 60s has been banned from our schools.
You see, the ban was not the problem. The problem was society wanted its cake and eat it too. Society wanted the blessings that came from God’s moral truth but did not want to live what the Bible taught. It started before the 60’s. It began with the Greatest Generation and before it. The banning of the Bible was the effect of those who had lived without the Bible and God’s moral truths.
Now we have come full circle. It has been over 5 decades without the critical teaching of the Bible in our schools and homes. We are now feeling the emptiness. This dark and engulfing void that has taken a hold of this country and the rest of the world. The effects are seen with the Millennials, but they are not the problem or the cause. The cause began when we stopped believing that God is in charge, and we stopped being sacrifices for Him.
What our youngest generation of adults is witnessing and living, is not on them but on all of us. Because what we are are going through is a selfish and greedy symptom that has been here since the time we forgot about God and His teachings. The moment we abandoned His moral laws, we were doomed to have the offspring we have now, and I am not speaking of the Millennial Generation but on society’s sickness without the God of the Bible in our lives…..

Next post, the answers to all the problems and where the solution comes from….

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