The Baby in the Manger, The Blessing to Humanity!

12 Days & 12 Scriptures – Scripture 9 of 12:
God would bless the nations of the world & all its Peoples through Abraham’s seed which would also be Eve’s seed. Why her seed and not Adam’s? Because God would perform the greatest of miracles on that now famous Silent Night. The virgin would have a Son and the Father would be God Himself. A man was not needed for God’s miraculous sign that was foretold 700 years before.
If we go even further, God told Abraham about 2,000 years before Jesus was born on a manger, that the earth would be blessed by his line. Sure enough, Mary was a descendant of Adam, Eve, Abraham and David. She would conceive the Savior of the World who would be born to save us from the original act of rebellion by our forefathers.

““…18 In your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed, because you have obeyed My voice.””
The Hebrew Scriptures, Book of the Genesis Chapter 22 verse 18

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