Thursday~ 100 Year Perspective

100 Years From NowWill This Matter_The Lord reminded me while I was enthralled in the World Series game and during the most intense inning, that His work always comes before anything else…

I received a text and read through it. The person was apologetic for interrupting the game.

My first thought was, no, as much as I love my Dodgers, I love God that much more.

The text was supercritical; it did not interrupt the game.

Quite the contrary, the incredible game interrupted the Lord’s work. And the Lord’s work takes precedence.

A thought came to mind, and as much as I did not like it, God reminded me that in 100 years, the person’s text for a loved one’s well-being, was immensely more important than a few guys having fun with a bat and ball.

Enjoy the Dodgers and the World Series but always put life’s priorities into perspective…

P.S. Go Dodgers!

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