Unto Us A Child Is Born — Unto Us His Son Is Given |Christmas Series 2018 Part VII

Isa 2.png

It is fitting that tonight would be part seven of this series. For to us God’s Son was given. Unto Humanity He would serve. Unto Humanity He would humble Himself. It is no coincidence that Jesus was born in a manger where the main staple of meat for the Jews at that time was lamb.
You see, most people read about a child being born in a manger and he was wrapped in “swaddling cloths“, but no one has ever explained what this means.

An explanation could be:

  • The foreshadowing of Jesus’ birth and also death. 
  • The foreshadowing of Jesus being the Lamb of God who would one day be the Passover Lamb on the cross.

Shepherds who were used by the Temple leadership to tend to the sacrificial lambs would have to pick out the best ones being born to pass inspection. They would check everything in the body so they would not have any blemishes or deformities. Then the shepherds would wrap them up in swaddling cloths to keep them warm.

Isa 3.png

Here is where I think it gets interesting.

  • Why did the Temple shepherds use swaddling cloths?
  • Was it one of the 613 mini-commands that had sprung up from the 10 Commandments over time?
  • Or were they inspired supernaturally so as to foreshadow the specific Silent and Holy Night about two thousand years ago?
  • When the future Lamb of God would be laying in a manger made for sheep to be raised for the slaughter or for the Temple sacrifice.

ISA 4.png

You see, the Lamb of God who took my, and your sins away was born in a little town of Bethlehem, and yes even back then it was a small town. This incredible miracle of God coming down to become one of us is still mind-shattering for me to get my mind around.

  • Yet, Jesus came and fulfilled hundreds of prophecies written , some, thousands of years before His birth. The astounding amount of probability to have One Person be able to plan it to perfection is impossible to do. And yet, Jesus did! 

This Christmas, whatever you are doing, I pray that you are filled with God’s joy and peace. If you don’t know who Jesus truly is, I invite you to get to know this Child, humbly born in a manger made mostly for sheep that would one day be sacrificed for their owners’ physical consumption…some would be sacrificed for the owners’ spiritual purification… Jesus took care of this for us, once and for all.

  • Take advantage of this special gift, on this special giving season. Jesus is the reason for this special Season…

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Get to know this Special Christmas Child:

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Scripture from:



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