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“9 Only be on your guard and diligently watch yourselves, so that you do not forget the things your eyeshave seen, and so that they do not slip from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and grandchildren.”-Deuteronomy 4:9 Berean Study Bible

The last sporting event I went with the family, I saw the strangest of things. People were recording video of everything that’s was happening, I thought it was pretty nifty watching everyone films the live sporting event.

  • I recently wanted to use one of those pictures for an album I am doing for myself. It is pretty sad to see what I saw.

While recording for posterity’s sake, every picture of the event was marred with almost everyone recording and watching it through a cell phone camera lens.
Again, I love history and appreciate the documentation of activities for the annals of time as much as everyone.

 Moments are highly precious and making sure that some of the important ones can be remembered vividly.

We are living at a time that I cherish and envy. I wish I were able to record precious moments with my kids when they were little.
Don’t get me wrong, I did, but it took an 8mm or beta cartridge to be inserted into a video camera the size of a small baby. So lugging it was a task when the kids were little; and like most parents with kids that age, it’s either the kids or recording the moments.

  • Having said this, society has come to an extreme. The extreme of pulling out cell phones and recording just about everything being done by everyone.
  • We have turned into a spectator society. Instead of experiencing life in moments, we are experiencing life in small data bits.
    We are taking moments in time and making them a pseudo-life talking points.
  • Where once, parents enjoyed and breathed in their children’s first time experiences, mom’s and dad’s are now choreographing what their children should do and not do; to make themselves and their kids into something they are not.
    Gone are the days where we see kids all dirty and muddy or running around with little boogies in their noses, just being kids.
  • Those are real moments. Moments in time that I cherished. The imperfect moments where life was a real battle of sorts. Parents doing their best to train their kids up in the way they should go, so when they got older, those rambunctious little toddlers would turn out fine.
  • They prayed to God always knowing that whatever life gave them, God would be there to see them through.
    Now, we see perfect children, my wife calls them “children of the corn” because they look innocent and smiley on the outside, but on the inside, they’re all messed up.
  • Compare this to kids growing up pre-selfie times. We see kids who did not have to pose, or put on lip gloss or go put some clean clothing.

These kids were captured during everyday life moments that seemed real. I know I hated some of the dweeb pictures I came out on, but looking back, I would not change those pictures for the world.

Black Mass Premier At Coolidge Corner1

You see, it was in those pictures that I see myself in real life, broken bones and a full body cast in my post-toddler years. My second set of still growing crooked teeth. My rebellious heart of untucking my buttoned collared shirt and taking it off to show my white T-shirt which was much more comfortable to crawl under the house’s foundation. The perfectly shined Bostonian wingtips that lasted spotless for only minutes, since I loved to run and kick everything in sight.

I hope that whoever is reading this, will stop to have a-peace-be-still-moment. Where they will come to see that recording video all the time, cheapens the actual experiences of those life moments.

I hope to convey a sense of urgency to those parents with young children—Please experience life moments with your kids, They grow so fast and their time with you will go by faster.

Don’t allow recording of the experience become the experience.

Learn to just feel the moments. Learn to experience your loved ones and not record your loved ones for everyone else’s satisfaction.

Be in the moment and experience the little things that life throws your way. Enjoy every minute of life so that when you get older, you ask yourself, ”Where did time go? And why do my kids seem like strangers?”

Because it is in these good or bad life moments, that we all become the family unit that God wants us to grow into.

Next time you go out somewhere, promise yourself that you will only use the cell phone for emergencies. Leave a message on your voicemail stating that you will call people bald since you are experiencing life. They will understand, and if they don’t, they really aren’t looking out for your best interests….

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