Non-Viable, Impossible & Miracle! |Nothing is Impossible With God!

“”27Jesus looked at them and said, “With manthis is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God.”

Mark 10:27.png

Mary and I just met an exceedingly joyful family. I’ve changed their names to be respectful of their personal information.

We came to eat breakfast and sat next to a couple who had a  two-year-old boy. He was playing in the kids’ corner of the place, and Helen was with her son inside the kids’ playroom. Her husband, Ted, was sitting trying to enjoy his breakfast. I said hello, and he answered back with a genuine smile.

Within a few minutes of talking to him, we found out the wonderfully active and handsome toddler’s name was Eggy, who was born 23 years after his sister.

—Now here’s where the story gets incredibly inspiring and amazing.

Ted nearly died of a brain aneurysm about five to six years ago. His family almost pulled the plug because he was not expected to survive. I am thankful to say, they did not, and his wife is the main reason why he is still here, enjoying all of Eggy’s antics.

Now back to this incredible and real-life story…

Watching this family made Mary, and I smile.

—It is a story of God-given miracles in each of their lives.

Helen came out of the playing area, and it was dad’s turn for him to get back in the cage with his son!

I imagine Ted looking at everybody and saying, “I’m going in! Dial 911 if you don’t hear from me in a few minutes!”

Little Eggy had this great big smile when daddy came in. I thought I saw a slight, here comes the next victim smile, but maybe it was my subjective mind imagining this from the stories Ted had been telling us.

Mom sat down, and there wasn’t a look of dread or fear or relief. It was a genuine and satisfied look of a job being well done.

We spoke with her for a bit, and this is when we found out about her life journey.

She and Ted have been together for about 24 years. She can write a book called— Non-Viable, Impossible & Miracle

  • You see, her oldest daughter who is in Graduate school should not be here.
  • The doctors told Hellen that she would be Non-Viable and that they couldn’t guarantee a productive and viable life for their daughter.
  • Yet, 23 years later, the young lady is thriving, dreaming and achieving what God has called her to be.

Here comes the Impossible part:

  • The gap as of 23 years for their second child, was an impossibility due to all of the previous problems with their daughter.
  • I imagine that eventual morning where Helen had to tell Ted that she was Pregnant:
  • Ted (with a deer in headlights look):
  • Are you sure?
  • How did this happen?
  • Why did this happen?!
  • Helen: Yes.
  • You know how!
  • I don’t know; it should be impossible!
  • Then they both go through the five stages of grief in five minutes as they sit in bed contemplating that their empty nest lives is coming to an abrupt end.

God had a different thing for them. A wonderful, satisfying, run the race kind of thing.

You see, from what I gather, and where the Miracle Stage of their lives comes in:

Ted as I said earlier, almost died. His journey would have ended without knowing little Eggy. Helen would not have had her husband or son.

Had Ted passed on, they would most likely not be sitting here, and we would not be smiling at this fantastic bundle of joy and epic energy.

—Thye may or may not know this, but God has His hand in all of the extraordinary people in this family. I just hope that God will reveal His plans to all of them so that this wonderful story of impossibilities can continue…

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