The Sound of Silence |Persecuted Christians Series-Nigeria

The Sound of Silence

His people are completely silent

While brethren are slaughtered

In dark mass graves

The world seems so cold

No one cares or dares

To tell the chilling truth


The sound of silence

In distant far away lands

Demons show their heavy hands

The Faithful die by thousands

While the world turns its head

Thousands slaughtered and abused

Thousands laying side by side

The sound of silence


Screams heard around Nigeria

People filled with hate running

Screaming loud, stabbing all infidels

Mothers, babies screaming’n crying

Terrorists caring less for their pleading

Jesus help us not to deny our faith!

The sound of silence


I call all Christians to arms and armor

Not the kind used by these lunatics

The only kind that will defeat the darkness

Salvation’s Helmet, Righteous Chest Cover

Belt of truth to show the world

The Sword of His Spirit to pierce all hearts

Silence no more dear Christians!

Silence no more!

Where’s the outcry from the media?

Do they hate Christians this much?

One mosque & there’s hysteria

While thousands of innocents die

Thousands  upon thousands

in Nigeria!

Mums the word thru the news

No posts from the social media!

The Sound of Silence in Nigeria…

Oscar Roca

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