April Fools —Fools For Christ |April Fools

“10 We are fools for Christ, but you are wise in Christ. We are weak, but you are strong. You are honored, but we are dishonored.”  — Paul in 1 Corinthian 4:10

When Paul was writing this, the Church in Corinth was going through some extremely critical growing pains. There was division among the members of the church in Corinth. There was also division in the ranks morally.

Some were allowing the culture to influence their thinking.

Some were allowing sin amongst the believing ranks to get to the point of being rebuked by Paul.

1 Cor 9-11 .png

Some did not care what Paul was trying to teach them.

Others thought that Paul was foolish, hence, his rebuke of telling some of the leadership that they considered themselves wise, strong and honored.

On this April Fools Day, may we remember that Christ reigns in our hearts and minds. That whatever the world has to offer, it’s all a great big April Fools joke. Because the world’s promises all lead to death. The world is perverted; it calls out to people to stay away from real wisdom.

The true wisdom which tells us that Jesus is LORD and Savior of all those who call upon His name. 

The world thinks this is foolish. If you don’t believe me, look at our universities. They are filled with people who love hearing themselves speak and teach their personal philosophical worldly wisdom.

They make fun of those that are Christ followers. Again, if you don’t believe me, do your own research. If you are still in College, stand up and tell your professor that you are a Christian and believe in the Christian principles, see what happens.

Even throughout all this, Jesus and His followers have remained strong and faithful. The Bible is the most read book in history. Not Shakespeare or Socrates or Homer. Not the great classical works of World Literature.

You have to ask yourself:

Why is the Bible, the most read book of all time and also the most hated book of all time?

Why does the Bible offend so many, yet, make so many people free of this world’s bondage?

That is because what the world thinks wise, Jesus came to make it foolish. People’s desire for wealth and power are only passing fancies when we speak eternally.

  • One hundred years from now, you will not care and remember the people you thought were powerful.
  • Five hundred years from now, you will not care who was the richest man in the world.
  • Eight hundred years from now, you won’t care who the smartest person ever to live was.
  • One thousand years from now, the only thing you’ll be thinking is where you are in eternity.
  • From the very moment you take your last breath and close your eyes for the last time, only two things will matter:

2 quwtions.png

These two questions can be answered today.

John 14_6.png

On this April Fools Day, fool the world.

  • For those that are believers, stay humble, keep being fools for Christ.
  • For those that have questions whether God exists or notGet to know God through His Son Jesus.
  • Here’s how:


Want to know God?

How Can I know God

Steps to Peace With God

Know God






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