New Birthday Tradition |Friendships

If you are taking the time to read this, I want to thank you for it, even if I don’t know you. I hope that you find this helpful in your lives. This is something I will start this year. It was an idea that flashed through my mind a day before my birthday last week. 

Pro 17_17.png

— I’m beginning a new tradition. Every year on my birthday I will be sending a thank you message to all those that have affected my life. I always make sure that I remember those that helped me in my life in one way or another.

  • I wish I could tell the people who were there for me in whom I have lost touch with, what I feel about having encountered them the life stages where they came into the scene.
  • Every person I have ever met has taught me a lesson in life. Some, have given me priceless and precious moments. A few, have taught me that not all people we come across are looking out for you, even at churches.

— I have and do know people who are not Christians that hold to a more reputable friendship than a few who profess to be Christ followers.

  • I have learned to learn from and move on from  toxic people; it is quite rare that I have done this, but one must choose life and those who encourage it. 
  • While getting rid of those relationships which will ultimately chip away the pavement on the road you’re traveling on your journey.
  • These types of relationships, you must learn from even more but keep as far away as possible.

— The Bible speaks of friendships that sharpen you spiritually and mentally. 

Pro 27_17.png

— In Proverbs chapter 27 verse 17, it explains those friends who encourage and keep their friends accountable and close. This is what I look a for when speaking to people. Some shy away from this responsibility, and some thrive on helping and being there for you — both sets of friends needed in your life.

  • The shy ones, will when given a chance, surprise the daylights out of you!
  • The straightforward friends are the ones that you need even closer.  They are the ones who will keep you in check sometimes, with tough love.
  • These two types of friends are hard to come by. Just like looking for a valuable treasure at the beach, it takes hours and hours of investment, but when you find these true friends, you give glory to God for their relationship.

Some friends we may not see in a long while, yet when you sit with them, it’s like you never lost contact. Those are also the friendships I don’t take for granted. I enjoy catching up with them and knowing about their lives.

— All this to say, I am truly blessed to know and have shared time with everyone I have come across. I have learned, cherished and kept all of what people have taught me through knowing them for a short, or long time.

  • So from now on, every birthday the Lord gives me will be a thank you to them. It’s a better present to give to others than for others to give to me…


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