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Atacam Valley

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“In the last few weeks events in my life have opened my eyes to see life and so many things through a different set of lenses. It’s allowed me to see what really matters, who truly cares for me and who really doesn’t. They say difficult times reveal true friends and in what I’ve been through I’ve found that to be absolutely true. People whom I didn’t think cared much for me have shown me that they do and have demonstrated so much kindness and vice versa. There are friends who I thought cared but who really don’t,…it’s totally ok because I believe God allows us to go through things to reveal things to us, to speak to us, to open our eyes and to recognize certain things. …. As much as I don’t like the life-changing event I’ve been through I’ll admit I’m thankful that through all this God has brought the right people in my life, some…I had just met weeks before this happened and for that, I’m very blessed and thankful. God is so good in that he knows just who and what we need in every season of our lives…I don’t say, “why me? Rather…” why not me?”
You can’t expect a flower to grow without pruning …pruning is painful, it’s all for good for growth. …I’m okay with it (the pruning) …(I know it’s) is for a season and I do believe I’ll bloom again and grow through (this).”

  • This Facebook post is from a sister in Christ. I rarely quote anyone, but I must tell you, what she went through was pretty rough. She had been training to run a marathon & the day was fast approaching but personal tragedy struck.


  • She, like most runners, set a goal to run a the 26.22 miles. So you can be clear on what this feat is, try running roughly 110,637 to 110,859 steps. That’s how long a marathon is.

  • Now what this young lady never says in her post, is how disappointed she was in not making the marathon. I believe she has to be disappointed in not running that race. But, you did not hear this in her post, and I believe that her blessing will be even more significant because of her attitude towards her personal challenge.




  • As Christians, we don’t ask God, “why me?” We ask God, “why not me!?”
    Because our faith doesn’t come with a “get out of jail card.”
  • It comes with only one promise, I will never leave you nor forsake you.


  • This young lady has it right. We all are running the race in life, and our journey doesn’t end here. It ends in our true home. One where we reach because of the race that we have run on earth.


  • Just like this sister in Christ, it is through adversity that we show our true selves and our true faith. Some leave the faith when they don’t get their way with God. Some quit because they think it’s too hard being a Christian.
  • Some, like her, stay and ask God, what do you have for me, LORD?

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  • When I God closed doors in places and relationships my wife and I were content in, He closed them so hard, that we knew it was time to move on. Some we left and cherished, some places we dusted our feet and moved on. In all circumstances, after incredible prayer and introspect, I would smile and say, “Okay LORD, what ‘s next for us now!?”


  • For this sister in Christ, I would tell her and her husband to ask the LORD and see if there is anything super new and awesome that He wants from both of them. Because God does not give great challenges unless He is guiding His people to extraordinary blessings…
  • Run your race not only to finish, but to win it! Like this sister in Christ said, go and ask God–Why not me LORD!? But, I warn you, be ready to have Him use you mightily so one day you also can say that you have fought the good fight & have finished the race. May you find friends that will come to your aid when a life challenge comes your way… and may be the type of friends who will carry you if need be…


  • Your goal is to be on this journey is to run this race with God on your side. If you don;t know God and would like to, here are links to some of the questions you may have:

Steps to Peace With God

Know God

How Can I know God


Photo Credit: Smcmurtrey

Verses from :

1 Corinthians 9:24

2 Timothy 4:7

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