The Passionate Jesus —Get to Know Him Personally This Passionate Week |Passion Week Series


  • The Roman Road leads to the edge of the cliff and into the bottomless pit unless you confess Jesus as your personal LORD & Savior

  • That cliff will always keep you separated eternally from God until you choose His Son, who has paid the death contract for you.

  • We all carry the death contract from the day we are born and it gets heavier the older we get.

This Sunday will start the beginning of a great and awesome week. Where God did a wondrous work of sacrifice though His Son Jesus the Savior for those who out their trust in Him.

Passion Week starts with Palm Sunday( Matthew 21) and ends on Resurrection Sunday. But it doesn’t end there. You see, the story starts with Jesus, the Second Person of the Trinity. Who is the Creator of this universe. He spoke and the Big cosmological Bang happened.

From the beginning of time, Jesus knew what was going to happen when He breathed life into humans.

Yet, with all His omnipotent knowledge, He still obediently humiliated Himself by leaving His throne and coming down to earth as a human baby. That is unimaginable to me.

That God would become flesh & bones(John 1:14; Hebrews 2:14 ). With the same carnal needs. With all of the weakness of a human body (Hebrews 2:17) which starts decaying the minute we are born.

He was 100% human—100% God. I won’t try to explain this in 1-3 sentences because theologians have tried answering this wonderful and mysterious truth in volumes of books.
By Pete Rose 
  • Just know that the chances of 1 person fulfilling a few prophecies or predictions are astronomical. Jesus has fulfilled over 350. Yes, 350. If I was a Vegas man, I would place my bets on Jesus. I would take what He said and the predictions or prophecies He fulfilled as facts.

  • Now comes the most extraordinary 3 facts to take away from this:

— Jesus was tortured & died on the cross (Matthew 27)

— Jesus was buried  (Matthew 27:56-66)

— Jesus resurrected from death 3 days later (Matthew 28:1-15)

  • If this was not true, the greatest Empire and military in history, would have:
  • —Made a ridicule out of Jesus by displaying His body
  • — And/or killing off Jesus’ disciples for lying.
  • —Solving the mystery of where the body was hidden.

But neither of those things happened, why?

— There were too many witnesses who saw Jesus after His death. (Acts 5:32)

—The story was never fully disputed & the disciples continued preaching in the same city Jesus was buried. The Sanhedrin could not shut them up! ( Acts 5:32; Acts 23:24)

—The rest of what happened to His followers as they multiplied has been chronicled in the Bible and in other historical chronicles. (1 Corinthians 15:2-4)

  • Jesus disciples were:

—Beaten to stop having them share the Gospel of Jesus.

—Tortured to deny Jesus as the Messiah—Savior of Israel and the world.

—Killed for not recanting. It was the other way around, people like Paul of Tarsus chained up to his jailers converted many of them until he was put to death for His Lord and Savior, Jesus. 

  • Yet, His disciple remained faithful to the story of:

— Jesus,

—His teachings,

—His miracles,

—His crucifixion,

—His death

—His resurrection.

  • All this along with changing the mightiest empire that ever was through:

—Person to person sharing of the Gospel of Jesus.

— One on one disciplining on how to be followers of Christ.(2 Thessalonians 2:15)

—Continued fellowship of the church of Jesus who were called people of the Way.(Acts 2:46)

  • Yet still there are:

—Doubters to Jesus being who He said He was.

—Almost two thousand years later, Jesus is still controversial.

—People are still coming to know Him personally.

—Others are still scoffing at the stories they hear.

  • No other person in history has been:

— Loved & hated.

—Admired & Despised

—Worshipped & ridiculed….

  • Jesus remains a central figure in modern history.

—Countries have come and gone.

—Scoffers have said that Christianity is dead countless times.

—They have vowed to make Christians disappear.

—Yet, Jesus’ followers remain strong as always.

— The Bible remains the most read book in History because it’s His Story!

  • All this, due to a humble Carpenter who:

—Was born in Bethlehem

—Raised in Nazareth

—Taught scriptures to the masses by His Authority

—Said that He was God

—Fulfilled over 250 prophecies written centuries before His birth

—Healed the sick and lame

—Raised people from the grave

—Walked on water

—Gave sight to the blind

—Gave grace, mercy & peace to this sinner!

  • May you get to know Jesus the Messiah—Savior of this world during this most Holy of Weeks.

Get to know Him, here is how:

How Can I know God

Steps to Peace With God

Know God

One thought on “The Passionate Jesus —Get to Know Him Personally This Passionate Week |Passion Week Series

  1. Thank you for sharing, what a blessing. The resurrection is not only a future event for believers. Those who believe in Christ have already been raised to life with Him. Paul writes, “If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God” God is alive and there is power in the name of Jesus!!!

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