LEssons Learned —Lessons we don’t Want to Live |Covid-19

Since we had a holiday on Monday and Tuesday seemed like Monday, this is my Tuesday Political Post:

The symbolic “remains” of the railroad in Treblinka
One of the worst tragedies
Jewish women & children being taken into camps


I always wondered how Hitler and his minions were able to swindle about 11 million people to get into train carts, packed like animals. To get them rounded up and give all their possesions away. Dividing the women and children from the men. Then dividing the young, and old, and having them lined up, to be sent to the gas chambers.

The above pictures tell a story. The story can never be repeated they said. Yet, years after this, the world has witnessed the great communist Russian, Chinese, Cambodian, Vietnamese, North Korean atrocities. Where millions upon millions of people have died for the sake of political agendas which are made to sound like Nirvana on earth.

Hitler is typical of an agenda so perverse and wicked, that most people find it too outlandish and inconceivable to be true. Yet, here we are in 2020 America, where politicians with political agendas are once again telling their lies to its citizens.

With every God-given right, some on the Democratic Left have become tyrants over night. Like Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mao, and the rest of the killing fields tyrants, governors have become drunken with power. Their veins have been shot up with the percieved notion that they are the only ones who could save us from ourselves.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Just ask the 11 million plus people who died in the hands of what a tyrant was calling the perfect society.

You see, the Jewsih people living in Europe were lulled into thinking that Hitler would take care of them. Before the gas chambers and concentration camps, was the notion of Ghetto’s where DNA and religion played a part of seperating German citizens from their properties, and everything they owned. All in the name of helping the citizens make a better and brighter future.

The bigger and brighter future meant restricting the Jews from coming together in synagogues, family get togethers that were out of town and rights of being German citizens.

This taking away of rights was subtle & minute. They would take a small thing away from the Jewsih people. But every small mandate was a building block to tyranny.


What I have learned from the convid-19 of 2020:

One— very few people, including Christians, will speak up against tyranny. This is an immense disappointment for me. Long gone are the days of Martin Luther King Jr., and the thousands upon hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters. If you were on the streets marching, on social media or blogs, or texting loved ones and friends, I applaud you. You were one of the few that understood that if they take tiny rights of citizens away, they are chipping away at the fabric of what made this country incredibly exceptional.


Two— very few of the Christian leaders spoke up. I am talking about seasoned, mature in their faith elders, and deacons of churches. Out of the thousands and thousands of churches in California, only 1,500 pastors are going to defy the tyrannical and controlling mandates of staying closed since March 14th. 


Three— None of the governors, or mayors, or city councils in any of the United States have any right or power to cancel the rights of the people. These rights are in the Constitution. No one elected official has any power to impose what they feel or think is right on the citizens who elected them.

We are not in China or Russia or 1940s Germany.


My alcohol bottle

Four— Most Christians are responsible enough to have their own set of self-imposed mandates. Years before, no one had to tell me to carry around a small bottle of alcohol to sanitize my hands when touching things out in public. I did this to keep from getting sick and also not to pass on germs. No one mandated me to do this.


The same is true for most pastors and elders in any given area of the country. They know their congregations and understand their flocks.

Pastors have been taking care of, praying for, counseling their church members & their families without anyone having to tell them to do so.


Five— Christians are at the forefront of volunteering. At homeless shelters, hospitals, convalescent places, nursing homes, senior living facilities, orphanages, etc. No one had to send a letter or put out a website to ask for volunteers to help. This Christian extension of going into all the world and making disciples of all nations means we don’t just preach it, and teach it, but reach others for it. 

But when we are mandated to stay home, the effects are felt throughout communities.


So here’s to the 1,500 pastors who had the guts to do what every pastor should be doing, defending their flocks from wolves who come and try to hurt or disperse them.

Even if it means getting in front of the wolves & holding out their shepherds’ staff while yelling out like Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings, ““You shall not pass!””


Whether any governing body mandates churches to stop their worship, we must always obey what God wants us to do. God’s mandates supersede and overrule the man-made mandates. Try to say that five times fast!


So the lesson learned is this: As Christians, we must go to prayer and fasting next time a President, governor, and congressman or mayor mandate anything that forces God’s people to stop the right to assemble for worship.

This is a Constitutional right & a God-given right that no one can take away. 


The Church of Christ needs to come together to fast, pray, and hear from the LORD. Next time our rights are trampled on, we’ll know exactly how to react, and no, that is not when we blindly obey the authorities. When authorities become tyrants by forcing people to stop their worship of the Living God, that is when Christians must choose to follow God even more intensely. 

Is their precedence on this? Just ask John the Baptist, Jesus, Peter, Paul, & the rest of the Martyrs in history who would not stop preaching Christ and going out to the world to turn it upside down.

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