The Perfect Lamb —The Perfect Timing! |Passion Week 2021

Saturday March 27, 2021

The Chosen Unblemished Lamb


We just finished a special night of The Passover Seder… I will wait to post during Passion Week so as to give the study first and then blog it later… For those of you who may not know what the Seder is, it is dinner that the Jewish people all over the world celebrate every year as part of the Passover and Unleavened Bread Feasts. The Passover and the rest of these Holy Convocations, or Feasts, were instituted by The LORD Himself. God explains the very first of these Feasts in Exodus chapter 12.  God tells Moses to let the Israelites know that these Feasts are His. Then The LORD goes on to explain the Sabbath, and the Passover, and how to prepare for both of these Holy Days.

God expands on these Seven Feasts in Leviticus 23, and Numbers 28. 

The Passover is the First and most important of all of the Feasts. You see, without this First Great Feast, the rest of them lose their meaning. Let me explain. The whole point of the First Feast, was to set things straight again. In Genesis 3, we see the fall of humans from the spiritual, mental and physical state of grace. We also see perfection in the Garden which God created for them to be protected, has also been lost. The serpent who was actually satan, broke into this Perfect Paradise in order to break the bonds that humans had with God. The way this fallen creature was able to break in and steal perfection, is for another post. Questions we should ask ourselves in order for us not to fall into this perditions:

—Was it jealousy of the human-God relationship? 

—Or was it the fact that humans were getting God’s attention and this selfish cherub was jealous of that? 

—Or was it that this envious cherub hated God so much that he would avenge the fact that humans were created in God’s Image( Genesis 1:26-31 )?

Whatever it was that sent this selfish cherub into a tailspin, he was able to wreak havoc in this perfect paradise. The two humans had taken the bait that satan had lured them into. 

Psalm 118

At that very moment, The Second Person of the Holy Triune Godhead ( Genesis 1:26Matthew 28:19,John 14:28 , John 15:26,Luke 1:35 ,1 Timothy 2:5 ,1 Corinthians 8:6 ) knew what He had to do. Jesus would become a human, have all the weaknesses of humans, be tempted in everything like humans, work like humans, sleep like humans, and die like humans. Except, that Jesus was God and man. He would take on death and conquer it. This conquering of death would bring humanity back to a heart of personal worship with God again. The sin of Adam and Eve would be cancelled out. Hence, Passover. 

God tells Moses that all of the Israelite homes would have pick a year old male lamb without any blemishes on the 10th day of the First month. 

Os Roca

Then on the 14th day of the same month, they would sacrifice it, barbecue it and use the unblemished Lamb with any blemishes’ blood as a code for God to pass whatever home was marked with the Lamb’s blood. The Israelites would have to use hyssop and ‘paint’ the blood unto the top and sides of the door post frames. This was the code for the Angel to pass the house over and move on to the homes in Egypt without this sacred blood covenant made by God with His people. 

The 14th day of Nisan was the first Passover Feast. This sacred Holy Convocation or rehearsal has been practiced for 3,500 years so. 

Os Roca

When Jesus came to earth, the people of Israel had been rehearsing this and the rest of the LORD’s Feasts for roughly 1,500 years. Yet, they missed their Messiah’s coming. Jesus in Luke in 19:44 tells the whole nation that they had missed the hour of His coming. All the thousands of years in the scriptures, the yearly pilgrimages and rehearsals; and the most of Israel missed the very point in having the Feasts! This would be like all those athletes who practice day in and day out to compete in the game that matters; he would rather keep practicing instead of recognizing that the game itself was the ultimate goal. Or like that musician who practices until her fingers are so sore from the rehearsing, but when she gets her chance to wow an audience, she doesn’t show up.

But before we get all uppity on the Jewish folks for missing this incredible visitation (Matthew 23:37 , Luke 13:34 , Luke 13:35 , Acts 7:52 ), remember that they had 1,500 years to forget the real reason for the Feasts— these Feasts… all pointed to Jesus, the Coming Messiah. 

Os Roca

Here’s the kicker—we Christians have forgotten the Feasts altogether. God is being extra patient with Christians, since it is almost now, 2,000 years from Christ’s last visitation, and we have messed things up worse than the Jews ever did. Just look at the state of all the ‘Christian’ nations around the globe. The wicked people of Sodom, Gomorrah, and those during the days of Noah would blush to see what these so-called nations that ‘know’ Jesus have become.

So today (Saturday 03-27-20121) on this Passover Feast, where Jesus at the very hour of the last Lamb being sacrificed at 3 p.m., gave up His Spirit for the remission of all our sins, not just Israel’s, may today bring you back to be redeemed. This Redemption can only be found in the Lamb picked by all the 2.5 million plus people 4 days earlier, on the 10th day of the First month or Nisan 10, between 29-33 A.D.. As the crowds on that “Palm Sunday’ screamed out Jesus, Yeshua (Salvation), Salvation now, Hosannah! Only to betray Jesus 4 days later by screaming for another prisoner….

Next post, the Gardner who waved Death out and welcomed life for all!

May you come to find & pick the Lamb of God who took away the sins of the world. Only when you commit your life to Jesus, will this perfect Lamb be able to get rid of your sins. I invite you to ask, commit & receive the promises in the bible of salvation to anyone who asks & comes humbly to pick this Passover Lamb of God:

His Radio Prayer line

Know God

How Can I know God

Steps to Peace With God


New Life Clinics 1-800-NEW-LIFE
National Prayer Line 1-800-4-PRAYER
Bethany Lifeline Pregnancy Hotline 1-800-BETHANY
Liberty Godparent Ministry 1-800-368-3336
Grace Help Line 24 Hour Christian service 1-800-982-8032
Want to know Jesus? 1-800-NEED-HIM
Biblical help for youth in crisis 1-800-HIT-HOME
Rapha National Network 1-800-383-HOPE


Paz Con Dios

Pasos para la Salvación PDF


Arabic Bible-Coptic Church:

BibleGateway Arabic Bible

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