Fat Cats & Bureaucrats |Tyrannical States of The Union 2021

Warning: if you don’t believe that Christians and pastors can be community leaders and active politically, then don’t read this is my political satire post:


This Cup Represents Much More than 2020 did…

What This Cup of coffee represents

This cup of coffee represents so much more than just Java. If you notice, you’ll see that these are a regular mug and coffee plate. But again, it’s so much more.

This cup represents what 2020 wasn’t.
You see, we take our freedoms for granted. As some of the country’s states are opening everything to the public, some are still trying to usurp as much tyrannical control that is rapidly slipping from their grasps as they can.

Os Roca

The Bumbling twin states on opposite coasts:

Texas, Florida, the Dakotas, and many more states are thriving. New York, and California or not; and there is a reason for this. Just as the old Soviet Union of Socialist republics or modern day Venezuela, the latter went from the top 10 countries in the world economically, to starving citizens and fat cat bureaucrats becoming billionaires as fast as it takes to make instant coffee.

The Bumbling Twins on opposite coasts

These two misguided states continue to push their socialist authoritarian agendas. New York, started this Gestapo vaccine approved citizen system, where a person cannot go anywhere outside of their ghetto, scratch that, neighborhood.
Then you have the other half of the Tweedle Dee and Dumb brothers in California doing their best to keep control of the slaves scratch that, citizens.

California Bill S.B. 663 A throwback to NAZI or POLITBURO Intimidation


This past week, the state assembly good for nothings in California, want to pass a bill that will go after citizens who want Der Weiner Newsom out. WE, collected enough signatures to get his dictatorial fanny out of the capital. This was to ensure that he would not make any more nincompoop decisions that would keep sinking this titanic state. As you know, California by itself is one of the most thriving economies in the world, scratch that, was one of the most thriving economies in the world.
But what has happened in California is going to continue spiraling throughout the country if not stopped. There were over 2 million citizens who legally signed the recall petition to get the governor out. Now the People’s Party of the California State legislature, is trying to pass a bill where it would allow the Peoples Republic of California to go after those citizens that made their vote count.
I’m not talking about 1930s Germany or Italy. I’m not talking about the post 1950s Communist China regime were chairman Mao decided to take out millions of Chinese citizens. I’m not talking post World War II Communist Russia, where millions of people disappeared never to be heard from.

I am talking about 2021 California where a few tyrannical leaders are trying to intimidate the masses.

Os Roca

#JustinTrudeau & His crony Canadian Government:

The California Sate Assembly & Governor, think that they can, like the tyrannical authoritarian Canadian government has been doing to it’s Christian community. Where if Pastors don’t tow the party line, you are chained up and taken to jail; your church building fenced up with warning signs telling all who read that it is unlawful to assemble.

The State of the Canadian Church

Let me tell the California assembly members and our Canadian authoritarian government north of us:

There’s a reason why there is the Second Amendment in the United States Constitution. It wasn’t to protect the government from its citizens. It was for the citizens to be protected and to overthrow authoritarian governments that would push their own agendas.

Os Roca

The Reason Why we in America have not gone the way of Canada:

The only reason why we are not harassed even more like our Canadian counterparts, is because this government knows the millions of Christians, 99.9% of them law abiding citizens, own guns.

This government also knows that there are millions of citizens with millions upon millions of guns that would not allow for the tyrannical authoritarian Nazi-like schemes of the Canadian government.

Os Roca

This is why it’s so vital for the present administration and that party that wants guns taken away from its citizens, to be voted off in 2022. We need to get rid of those REPRESENTATIVES not representing us but their own selfish interests, in 2022.

We must learn from the citizens of the Revolutionary times:

In the post awakening and pre-revolutionary era of this country, pastors, were community leaders, community teachers, who taught the congregations everything needed to live in this country. Not only did they teach the word of God fervently, they also taught the citizens how to read, hunt, farm and be productive members of society
The church was in a building, but the church was not the building. Long relationship roots grew between the pastors and their congregations. So much so, that the pastors knew that they must get away from the British grasp. They knew that the king was treating the American colonies, like his own peasant/slave/moneymaking piggy bank.

Now we have a group of leaders in Sacramento, and Washington with the same goal and ideas as as King Henry.
Pastors during the revolutionary era preached sermons which explained the God-given rights of men. These God-given rights could not be taken away by any tyrannical power or government.

The only way that we could keep these rights is to defend them with our lives. These sermons preached are, so far, from what a lot of pastors are preaching to their congregations.

Os Roca

You see, I’ve been reading up on some of those sermons and they are not politically correct, warm and fuzzy, or preached so the masses could be happy.

The sermons were fiery, truthful, and spirit lead. The sermons were meant to cut through the heart of men, and inspire each person listening to know in their hearts that God wanted men to be free! The sermons preached a way of life that was unheard of for that time.

Os Roca

The sermons brought freedom not only to the free peoples of the colonies, but to those that were slaves. The slaves would hear the preaching, it gave them hope, and prayed for this future freedom to become reality. This future that the slaves would dream of brought songs that are still sung today and Christian hymnals.
So today I ask my fellow Christians and those who aren’t, but want to live in a free society where tyranny and authoritarianism is a byword.

I want to let you know that to live in Christ, is freedom. But we must hold onto this freedom with everything that we have! We must hold onto this freedom for the sake of our kids and grandkids.

Os Roca

Tyranny lives were apathy thrives

We want to leave them a society where they are freer than we are. If Christ should tarry a bit longer, we must fight to give our future children’s children, the freedom that we hold most precious in this country.
How much do you love freedom? Enough to defend it dearly? Enough to die for it?
Right now we don’t have to die for anything, but most people are too apathetic and lazy to pick up a phone, or write an email to the representatives. This laziness and apathy will one day catch up to every single citizen of this country if we are not willing to live free. Then we will end up like those citizens in Venezuela, China old Soviet Union bloc, Nazi Germany and North Korea… despot countries we once cringed just by hearing hearing their names
. Now those same names are being hailed as the future for this country...

If you live in California or any state where the governors & state assembly members are over reaching & treading in the sanctity of the constitution & rights of citizens call, email or petition those in power out of their offices! It’s not too late to fix this country:

RECALL Gov Newsom in California

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