My WHY Close By….LORD You Got This! |God’s Promises 2021

LORD, You Got This!

I recently had a writing assigment on the WHY of ministry. Why my ministry… I realized This question isn’t just for ministry, but for life. Specially if you are a Christian…



First thing first, the WHY…my calling has been to teach my family about Christ, His saving grace and loving mercy; connecting Jesus’ precious work on the cross, that saved a sinner like me. It started with my wife Mary, was passed on to my now adult children and recently, to my most precious commodity, my grandkids. All along, I’ve served in ministry since my mid-twenties. Now in my mid-fifties, I have served from childrens’, middle, senior and college ages, and have the privilege of teaching on Sunday’s.

But my WHY has not changed, the most important WHY is my wife, kids, grandkids, immediate & extended family. My question to you is this What is your WHY?

Os Roca

The community and missions trips come right after my main WHY. The latter are by no means of less importance, but one thing I have learned throughout my Christian journey is thisso many of us start our journey thinking the whole world needs saving. I have seen people leave everything behind, and go to far away countries, forgetting that they have family members who are on the sinking Titanic of this world.  There is nothing wrong going to far away places if the LORD calls us to do this. But sometimes, as young Christians, our immaturity both spiritually and in life, makes people forget about their WHY, close by.

Don’t get me wrong, I have gone into the mission field and have also received a big WHY through prayer and petitioning the LORD. I have waited patiently for my next WHY, and this will be a missions in and out of country. I ask for your prayers, scratch that, I covet your prayers for my family and me. The challenges I am facing is this pandemic. The closed borders where I really want to go, and also the ever changing anti-christian climate we are experiencing. My family and I continually pray for missionaries who are in the frontlines out there. This will be my challenge too. 

One thing I got from this class, scratch that, most of the CLI classes is this—Pray, plan, change plans when the LORD directs, be open, stay humble, know that God is in control, and to GO FOR IT!

Os Roca

So here’s to my WHY! And I ask you keep me in your prayers, I will do the same. Blessings….go find your WHY! It’s never too late….Now leave me alone…I have a mountain to climb!

P.S. My scripture, the one that has always followed me  as I have started a new service to the LORD, and the one, as I am getting older is this…I’m sticking to the promises that God has for me:

““I was forty years old when Moses, the LORD’s servant, sent me from Kadesh Barnea to spy on the land and I brought back to him an honest report.  My countrymen who accompanied me frightened the people, but I remained loyal to the LORD my God.That day Moses made this solemn promise: ‘Surely the land on which you walked will belong to you and your descendants permanently, for you remained loyal to the LORD your God.’  So now, look, the LORD has preserved my life, just as he promised, these past forty-five years since the LORD spoke these words to Moses, during which Israel traveled through the wilderness. Now look, I am today eighty-five years old. Today I am still as strong as when Moses sent me out. I can fight and go about my daily activities with the same energy I had then.  Now, assign me this hill country which the LORD promised me at that time! No doubt you heard at that time that the Anakites live there in large, fortified cities. But, assuming the LORD is with me, I will conquer them, as the LORD promised.”Joshua asked God to empower Caleb son of Jephunneh and assigned him Hebron.  So Hebron remains the assigned land of Caleb son of Jephunneh the Kenizzite to this very day because he remained loyal to the LORD God of Israel.””—Joshua 14:7-14 NET

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