Prayer, SCOTUS & The Mandate |Omicron 2022


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Welcome everybody to another podcast. My name is Oscar Roca, and I want to wish you a great Friday, January 7; as we are in an incredible, and extremely high impactful decision coming up by the Supreme Court of the United States.As they’ve been deliberating since yesterday, and I know that they are most likely done deliberating today.Whether you are for the vaccine or whether you’re not for the vaccine, that is not the the point that I’m going to make. I want everyone to come together to pray for this country….

SCOTUS= Supreme Court of the United StatesOSHA= Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Why OSHA can’t mandate 

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For this reason the Lord is ready to show you mercy; he sits on his throne, ready to have compassion on you.Indeed, the Lord is a just God; all who wait for him in faith will be blessed. Isaiah 30:8 NET Bible

Remember…..Romans 10:17


Sharing A Message of Hope & Peace | God’s Love

His Radio Prayer line

Know God

How Can I know God

Steps to Peace With God


Keep your baby or give it to someone who wants to adopt it:

Focus On the Family

New Life Clinics 1-800-NEW-LIFE
National Prayer Line 1-800-4-PRAYER
Bethany Lifeline Pregnancy Hotline 1-800-BETHANY
Liberty Godparent Ministry 1-800-368-3336
Grace Help Line 24 Hour Christian service 1-800-982-8032
Want to know Jesus? 1-800-NEED-HIM
Biblical help for youth in crisis 1-800-HIT-HOME
Rapha National Network 1-800-383-HOPE

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