In The Threshing Floor Part II |Life Happens 2022

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In The Threshing Floor Pt. II

Are you going through a period of time physically or mentally or spiritually, where you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel? There are so many people hurting in this world. Whether by our own actions, or simply because life happens. Whatever the situation you’re in, know that God has it covered. Here’s part 2, may you be blessed…

Here’s to all that are battling life problems….

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Sharing A Message of Hope & Peace |

God’s Love

His Radio Prayer line

Know God

How Can I know God

Steps to Peace With God


Keep your baby or give it to someone who wants to adopt it:

Focus On the Family

New Life Clinics 1-800-NEW-LIFE

National Prayer Line 1-800-4-PRAYER

Bethany Lifeline Pregnancy Hotline 1-800-BETHANY

Liberty Godparent Ministry 1-800-368-3336

Grace Help Line 24 Hour Christian service 1-800-982-8032

Want to know Jesus? 1-800-NEED-HIM

Biblical help for youth in crisis 1-800-HIT-HOME

Rapha National Network 1-800-383-HOPE

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