Please Be Still Part I

We are all so busy with this high-tech life. As soon as we get up, we check our smart phones to see if we’ve missed anything important through the night. When we are getting ready for the day ahead, it’s the same smart phone that is either playing a song or a Podcast, blaring in the background.
It used to be that we would wake up, get ready for the day ahead and we’d open the front door to find a bruised and battered newspaper laying close to the porch. We’d then grab a chair at the table and read the paper while grabbing a quick breakfast but nowadays, we have:

  1. Our smart phones
  2. Our tablets,
  3. PC’s,
  4. Satellite radios on full volume or
  5. We turn our TV’s on to check the news on cable while quickly gobbling up some instant something so our stomachs won’t grumble all the way to work or dropping off the kids at school.

These high-tech miracles are constantly invading our senses, giving us so much information that if we were computers, we would have to clean our hard drives every month or so in order to have room for all the information blasting through our overloaded brains.

One day as I was reading my Bible (on my smart phone), I came across the verse that made me think. Not in the conventional way we have all read it or been taught but in the most unique way, at least to me.

Last post I explained what the word,’Selah’ meant. I explained that the word,’Selah’ to get the reader’s attention and to have the reader sit back and think of what he or she just read. It is a Hebrew word found in the Book of Psalms.

In the fourth chapter of the Gospel of Mark, Jesus uses a very powerful command. Not because of the miracle (hopefully I haven’t desensitized the miracle itself) but because when I look at the wording, it makes me realize that God is also a God of High Tech gadgets.

You see, When Jesus calmed the storm and made the waters come to perfect stillness, He showed me that like the stormy waters of the Sea of Galilee, my life was a stormy and non-stop sea of madness. When I read this, I saw a flash or a vision of my life and all it’s chaotic movements.
When I read as Jesus was commanding the sea to be still, He used the words,”Peace be still.”
All of a sudden I realized how I had been living my life was more like Jesus trying to get my attention and constantly telling me,”Please, be still.”…

I’ll explain why I was not being still enough and why it hurt my relationship with God in the next post…

2 thoughts on “Please Be Still Part I

  1. Now you got my attention Oscar. I can’t wait to read your next post. Thank you for sharing and being yourself and expressing the simplicity of the gospel and how we can easily overlook a lot of details that God wants to show us.


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