Part 2 “Please Be Still”

…All of a sudden I realized how I had been living my life was more like Jesus telling me,”Please, be still…

“Please be still so I can speak more to you.” – Jesus has always wanted a relationship with us. I realize now that I was saying,”Hold on Lord, let me finish what I am doing in serving you, then I’ll speak with you. Guess what, serving so much did not allow me to have a full and meaningful communication with the One Being who could guide me even that much more. I now realize that we can be so busy doing God’s work, that we become doers and not hearers (intentional hearers) of his word.

“Please be still so I can work through you.” – Jesus should be the one doing all the work, what part of, “Take my yoke,” did I not understand back then? You see, part of us learning from Jesus is for us to give up trying it our way and allowing God to work a great work through us. That is the only way that God will use us, when we empty all of our thoughts of grandeur and allow Him to take over without any reservations. It really is uplifting and awesome to see the miracles He does, if we only allow Him to.

“Please be still so I can just love you.”-There are times that I regret. The time I last seen my mother. She was standing on the stairway of the house while I was saying goodbye to all my family. I saw her staring at me with tears in her eyes. She was always wanting to be the strong one. I made my way to her, she would be the last one I would say goodbye to because I loved her dearly.
All that time she had to wait patiently for me to turn my attention to her was worth the wait. I went to her and hugged her for a while and kissed her forehead and she knew I loved her so much but she also knew I would be flying three thousand miles away. It would be the last time I would see her healthy enough to stand on her own. I was thirty years old and she was fifty-three. I can still picture this moment and it drives my Type A personality bonkers, knowing that I could have done so much more to hold her and love her.

This is how God is, you see, He is waiting for us to speak with Him. He is also waiting to speak with us, not at us. How often do we avoid communication with others because of our ‘busyness’? Now, I regret all those times I could have spoken to the Creator of the universe more and I regret the times that I ignored Him when He was trying to speak to me, just because… or in my case, sometimes disciplining me. I’ll explain in the last part of this post…

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