Prayer- Conquering life

Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it
John 14:13-14

There are times where I feel and look like I just ran a marathon. Those times are usually times when I’ve been so busy, that my prayer time has been just going through the motions of doing the act instead of being intentional.
When I was in high school, my mind was always somewhere else. I didn’t pay attention to my algebra teacher the first three weeks of class. I had breezed through math in elementary and middle school that I thought I knew everything.
Because I developed a prideful mind thinking that I was great in math, I stopped listening to instruction in 4th grade. I continued breezing through everything the teachers would test me on, until that dreadful first test my freshman year.
I then had to play catch up and somehow, I struggled that year which then had long term effects throughout high school. I never learned the basic formulas of Algebra until in college where I needed to go back to basics. Had I listened to the instructions of my teacher my freshman year in high school, I would not have had to re-take that class again 4 years later. I would have conquered my first hard class- my enemy called Algebra.

Prayer is the same way. Prayer is communication with the Creator of the universe. It is where we sit still and wait for God’s response to all our questions, troubles and stresses of life. Prayer is completely knowing that we can’t handle what life gives us but that there is someone who can. Prayer is also a time where we focus just on God and his instruction.

Prayer is the most powerful tool we can use against the enemy. It breaks down strongholds, it disintegrates hardened hearts and brings us closer to God’s presence.
This can all be done in your private prayer closet. He speaks to us more powerfully there.
Just like my enemy which was Algebra, as adults we now have more enemies to conquer. How will you handle them? With or without instruction from the Greatest Teacher out there?
I now choose to sit still enough and receive proper and complete instruction from the One that can help me in life’s troubles.

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