The True Right Sacrifice

Give the right sacrifices to the Lord, and put your trust in Him!
Book of Psalms
Chapter 4 verse 5

As I wait to get to the hospital and lie down on the CT Scan for my yearly cancer check up, I realize that this too is a right sacrifice unto God. You see, I could be dying in a hospital bed or could no longer be around because the cancer that took a kidney from me was four years ago.
The right sacrifices back when the Psalmist was writing this, consisted of a blood sacrifice which people took to the Altar of the LORD.
They would ask for God’s forgiveness or blessings and through the action of the sacrifice, people knew that God had listened to them.
Today, we make the right sacrifices with our hearts, you see, it was through our hearts even back then that people would come before the Lord to offer their sacrifices.
As modern people, our right sacrifices are the things we do for God. Our hearts have to be right in everything we do, even when the stresses of life come our way.
This morning I am in one of those stressful moments but my peace is knowing that God has everything taken care of because my heart is fully depending on Him. This is what a True and Right Sacrifice means.

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