Please Don’t Fall!

So anyone who thinks they are standing strong should be careful that they don’t fall.
The 1st letter to the Corinthians- Chapter 10 verse 12

I remember when I was younger, we used to play tag. This was a special tag game, if we saw someone, we would sneak up by them and try to scare them by yelling as loud as we could.
One day, as one of my friend Joey’s (changed his name) little brother was bugging him to let him play, my friend gave him a head start and so went his little brother running trying to find a spot to hide and surprise us.
My friend Joey was very cocky and he wanted to catch his little brother. When I say catch, that’s saying it nicely. He wanted to scream at him and make his first game of scream-tag a very bad memory for years to come.
One thing that Joey’s pride didn’t allow him to see, was that his little brother had been watching all our moves and no matter how good we were, he got to know all of our game habits.

Joey’s little brother watched every game plan we had in getting our friends on the other team and was so hungry to get in on the action.
My friend’s blindness to his younger brother’s tenacity in wanting to play with older kids went over his head because like all of us, our siblings were too young and dumb to be part of our group of friends.
As my friend Joey started looking for him, I saw his smile. Joey was very good at being a ninja.


As he turned to look for his younger brother I saw a little figure come right behind him and scream off the top of his lungs.
My friend Joey’s face was not smiling anymore as his body contorted into matrix-like move, until his whole body slammed into the bags of trash that his mom had asked him to put in the bin (which of course he did not) a few yards away.
As his face hit one of the bags, he screamed in agony!
My friend Joey’s little brother had scored the biggest scream-tag hit of all time.
Joey in reality was not hurt. The screeching scream that was heard out of his mouth was due to the fact that the bag his face smashed into was the dog and cat stuff he had just cleaned up a few days before.
His pride was hurt because he had underestimated his younger brother and because he thought he was invincible.
A few years after this incident, my friend Joey’s family moved out of state.
I often think of this memory and of how we sometimes get so good at things, that we forget to seek God’s guidance in all things. When we get to the point of taking God for granted, like my friend Joey did with our scream-tag game, we will end up with our faces in the same bag that Joey did.

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