Faith & Love- What people really see

That is why I always remember you in my prayers and thank God for you. I have done this ever since I heard about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all of God’s people…
Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians chapter 1, verses 15-16 Easy to Read Version

I remember when I first made a full commitment of faith to God. I was in college, it was summer and everyone on campus seemed to really be enjoying themselves.
I had seen some of the Christians on campus and was drawn to them because of the love they showed to each other. There were males and females hanging out and enjoying themselves without any of the secular actions in today’s society.
One thing that struck me was the love and respect they seemed to have towards everyone they came across.
It was genuine and I wanted this. One of the young men was talking to a female friend and walking towards me, they asked me if I had time to chat and I was done for the day so I said,”Sure.”
I knew the guy from one of my classes and we had spoken a few times.
By the end of our conversation, I was asking Jesus to really come into my life and I committed myself to Him.
This guy was really nice and so was the girl with him.
I was ready in my heart to make a bigger commitment to Christ, I had fully immersed myself in seeking Him. I was joyful that day, because the people that led me to a deeper knowledge of Christ had the two most important things for me to see-Faith & Love in Christ and within their small group.

That life lesson for me was very important , one which I still remember to this day. Since I was immature in my faith, early in my walk when I spiritually stumbled and would get back up trying to do my very best (which now I know it’s not by whatever I do for God on my own, but by the faith I have for Him. This is another life lesson, soon coming), it was this memory of that small group of christians’ love that I experienced while observing them that summer which held my hope in becoming what I saw in them.
It was the love and faith of that small group along with others whom I met thru my life that set the stage for me becoming the man who I am today.
So I urge each and everyone who knows this Faith & Love to always remember that someone is watching you. They are watching to see if you are genuine. They are wanting to be like you, they can’t explain why but they do. They may be neighbors next door to you or family members who have been observing if you really mean what you say. Or it may be the little people whom you call sons and daughters. They are definitely watching every move you make.
We know who it is that people are watching thru you and it is very important that we point them to Christ…

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