Jesus our Passion

This week most of the Christian world will celebrate Passion Week. To those that may not know what this is, it is the culmination of Jesus the Jewish Carpenter who started His ministry at 33 years of age.
Why did I call him the Jewish Carpenter? BThe Crossecause that is what most of the world knows him by.

You see unless you have intimate knowledge of who Jesus is, you will only know Him as a Jewish Carpenter, who was also a great Rabbinical teacher.

To me, He is much more than this. He is the Creator of the universe. He is the Savior of humanity. He is the One, who took the sins of the world. Through the sacrifice of His life on the cross, He once and for all, brought the spiritual balance of the universe back to where it once was.

Yes, the world is not perfect. Yes, it has gotten worse these last few years. Yes, the world could blow up into a third world war. There is violence on television in almost every news station. There are regional conflicts everywhere. Even in this country, we are divided.
But you see, my confidence in my faith tells me, that no matter what happens here on earth, there is a God’s spiritual world that supersedes it.

That spiritual world is still in chaos but what Jesus did by dying on the cross, was that He, from the day He died, brought back a balance that we are not able to see just yet. The balance was restoring mankind back into oneness in a personal relationship with the Creator of this world.
When Jesus of Nazareth died on the cross, He died for all men and women. He was telling us that He took the punishment that we all deserved and placed it on Himself. He took the brunt of the punishment in order for us to be back on His Father’s grace. The grace that now, is given freely to anyone that will ask for it.
You see, we could be good and try to do our best in our personal lives, but we would still fail God eventually.
Jesus came so that there would not be any question about getting back to God’s grace through His only Son.
We don’t deserve this grace but as this week is all about, Jesus died on the cross almost two thousand years ago so that our spiritual balance would be bought and paid for by Him.

If you are reading this today and are questioning how to get this free grace, all you have to do is ask God.
1. Tell God that you fall short sometimes and do things that are contrary to His ways.
2. Ask Him to take complete control of your life and that you welcome Him to guide your every step.
3. Ask Him to forgive you of all the wrongs that you have done throughout your life.
4. Thank Jesus for taking your sins away on that cross.
5. Stop all the things that you have done wrong in your life.
6. Find a church whose pastor teaches the Bible completely through, from the first book in the Bible which is Genesis to the last book which is Revelation.

I invite you to do this. You will find that Jesus is a great Forgiver. You will find that He is a graceful, loving God that will guide you through this tough journey we call life. You will also find a peace that you will not understand even when you are going through tough times…

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