Go and Move a Mountain

In this manner also faith, if it does not have works, is dead by itself. 
Book of James 
Chapter 2 verse 17
DLNT Bible version

I am off of work today because the electric company is having to get rid of a wooden post that has stood in my neighborhood since 1940. 

They sent a notice giving us a head’s up and the precautions that come with it:

1. Unplug all computers and appliances just in case there is a charge as they are reconnecting the wiring.

2. They suggested to get an icebox or to have generator, etc.

The directions keep going but you don’t need to know all that stuff.

The one thing that struck me is that the verse above is where I was a few days ago for my devotional and it made me think of faith when I received this notice.

Faith is an awesome thing.
It moves mountains, levels fears into dust and moves people to do extraordinary things for God.
Faith is also paralyzing, it can stop you to a stand still and restarting your journey will take greater faith to overcome whatever doubts you have.

Some of us have the kind of faith to go out everyday and do the little things that God asks from us. Others, have faith to drive them across the globe and start a fresh God-led fulfilling work.

I wish I could tell you that my faith is always set in a strong foundation. But there have been a few times my faith has wavered.

As Mary and I had to unplug every electrical thing we had in the house, it struck me.
You see, faith is like that plug that every appliance or computer have.
When we unplug ourselves from the lifeline of God’s one-on-one time, in either prayer or God’s Word, we become useless.
Just like the computer or TV, I can get the remote and do my best to turn them on. But if they are not plugged in to the source that gives them life, the remote can have brand new batteries but the TV will still not work. The refrigerator is still there, but if it’s not plugged in to the source that gives it power, I don’t care how fresh the milk is, it will go bad without the refrigerator working correctly.
So as you are reading this,
Remember that faith can’t be seen or felt or bottled.
Faith can only be acted on and this is where you have to be plugged in to the source that will give you the extraordinary faith to move mountains. The prayer time and personal devotion time with your bible is crucial. It takes us to the most powerful energy source we can have. Faith gives us the power and energy to overcome anything this world gives us. You just have to stay plugged in to this source.
In contrast, without God, we are all just like the TV or refrigerator that are unplugged and useless. So stay plugged in to God and He will lead you to great moments and achievements!


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