Time Out To Sort Things Out

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Time Out To Sort Things Out—

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We have been hearing about how our President will be securing the border. Yet, there are people who are against this. I ask myself why would anyone be agains such a move?

We have been one of the most hospitable nations on earth. I would not be here if my parents not had the boldness to move away from their friends, families and everything that was comfortable and familiar to them. Yet we as a country are faced with the biggest issue of our lifetime. Whether to keep allowing our border to be so open as to make us vulnerable.

As a Christian I am to take care of the widow, orphan and the stranger or alien. As a child of immigrants, I empathize with all who come to this country. As a father and now grandfather, I will defend my family against all who come against us. As a Christian, there are people who hate me for my faith and no one is talking about this. There are people infiltrating this country and the Western world to impose their law by any means possible.

They hate what Christianity stands for because of their ignorance.
This is why it is vital to take a breather and make sure that we bring in people who will blend into the culture and thought process of this country, no matter their faith or place of origin. We need to ensure that those coming into this country will want to be Americans and nothing else.
It is time to secure our country in order for us to secure the rest of the world later…the stronger America is within, the stronger the world will be…

2 thoughts on “Time Out To Sort Things Out

  1. Is not what you do, is how you do it. As a former illegal alien I came to this country that I now call it my country looking for a better future and working hard, doing the work that born Americans didn’t want to do. Never took things for granted, never asked or applied for anything free, applied for my green card and then citizenship legally, I also have family and I want a better future for my child but I don’t want him to think that doing things in a rush is the right way. I don’t want him to blame others for his mistakes or think that disrespecting the weak and women or thinking that because he finds one bad apple it means that all other apples are bad is ok. WWJD or think of us so called Christians? Once upon a time a church leader promise to take care of his ministry no matter what, taking care of the children, the servants, the widows and what did he do? At the first opportunity dropped the ball, left the ministry wondering, hurt, lost and yet HE gave them hope and kept them going and remind them to keep their eyes on HIM. Sometimes I wonder if I vote for the wrong person, is he going to drop the ball too and run away? After all he grew up as a rich and spoiled child getting his way no matter what, WWJD? Build a wall? Yes as long as he pays for it or have all Latin Countries pay for not just Mexico! He can’t just go to the neighbors house and tell them what to do in their own house right? Just my thoughts as a proud and former illegal immigrant that loves JESUS and I want to leave a legacy for my child on RESPECT, LOVE, KIDNESS, HUMBLENESS, RESPONSABILITY AND BEING ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS OWN ACTIONS.


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