Time Out To Sort Things Out Part II

Assimilation into this country is a vital part of the success of anyone who starts their new life here. So too is the Christian walk…

Time Out Part II.png

Assimilation is a process of integrating oneself into a culture. It means knowing that you leave your past behind. This includes the place of birth you came from. It also means that you forsake the laws of your old country. This does not include forgetting where you came from or the culture but the doctrines and dictates of the former government you left behind.

Some people have pride in the land they came from. There is nothing wrong with this unless it supersedes the love and respect for this country. I have noticed this in the people who come from my mom and dad’s place of birth. The kids growing up here, whether born citizens or brought up in this country from an early age, seem to idolize the land their parents left behind. They wave around a flag that is not from here. They literally curse at the leadership of this country as if it wasn’t theirs. I have seen this disrespect in children not old enough to be in middle school. This is a big red flag which needs to be addressed. This country is by no means perfect and we have some hard work ahead of us. But it does not give anyone an excuse to destroy property or go after authority figures.

When I see what is happening with so many people and some much anger towards all, I have to ask myself, why would these kids wave a flag around that is no longer theirs? Or want to make this country like the country their parents fought so hard to get away from? Why would anyone living here, fantasize about how wonderful the old country was when their parents or grandparents left it for a better way of life in the USA?

The Bible is very clear on what people should do about respecting those that are in power. In the worst of times, Christians were told to submit to the authorities that had been placed on its citizens. This does not mean that we give in to tyrants nor does it mean that we allow despots to rule harshly over us.

It means that we as Christians answer to a higher power. The power of the Holy Spirit’s grace, mercy, and love. Grace first because Jesus gave us the blessing to be citizens of heaven. Mercy second, because without God’s mercy, we would all have been judged harshly by our sins. Lastly but by no means the least, love, for by His love of all mankind, Jesus came to die on the cross for us.

The same things befall some of us spiritually. You can see it more prevalent in the second & third generations of Christians. Just as those that come into the USA need to assimilate into the American culture, those of us that call ourselves Christians must also assimilate into a culture, not of this world.

This culture is to love God with everything we have and to love our neighbor as if they were us.If we love our neighbor as we love ourselves, we will do no harm to anyone.This is a divine command that requires a divine power for it to be successful.
Unfortunately, not all people of different faiths feel the same way. Hence the troubles we have in the world and the situation that this country finds itself. Those that want to do us harm from within and those that want to come to this country and destroy us because of what we stand for.
Both types of people are not suitable for any culture, including ours. This is why we now need to call a time out and reevaluate those that come in permanently to stay.
I would also ask all those that want to come into any Western country these questions:

1. Why do you want to come here?
2. Will you integrate into our society or do you want to bring your old ways of thinking based on the laws of your country or religion?
3. Will you teach your kids to respect the people in leadership or will you speak so bad about them that your children grow up hating what this land stands for?

…Next part, the love of Jesus changes cultures into positive and productive societies that will thrive for generations.

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