My Perfect Fit 365-Thank You LORD

Valentines Day 365.png

Some people say that if you are single and feel alone, you are doing things wrong.

The Jewish sages have pondered that even when God walked and talked with Adam, he still felt alone.

I have heard many people say that God is our all and they would correct in saying this if people were robots. God in His infinite wisdom knew that people would be connected to Him, even more, when they paired together through life.

You see, Adam was lonely. I can imagine him looking at each of the creatures and intentionally naming them one by one. Like most of us, sometimes we start things with such gusto and as we get dejected, end things on a flat note.

I can see Adam naming off all the animals one by one and towards the end, just naming them whatever came to mind. I picture him starting off right next to God and being excited to see if any of the animals would make him feel less alone. The Lord was there, walking and communicating with Adam through the process.

This is the reason why I believe God empathized with Adam. There was no condemnation, and he did not say, “You know Adam, you should not feel lonely and depressed, I am with you always, until the end of time. You should feel humbled by this. No other creature in the world has this privilege!”

Instead, God knew exactly what the first man needed, and He sought out to fix it. You know how the story ends, if not, go read chapter 2 & 3 of Genesis.

As I look at my life and see the creature God created just for me and the amazingly perfect fit we have for each other, I just smile at His perfect will for my life. My wife fits me, and I fit her. Like a good day at the beach or a good night of study and fellowship. We work together, and there is such great ebb and flow in our relationship that only knowing God could make possible. I asked my wife Mary what she wanted for Valentines here is her reply:

“I just want to get off work, go grab some amazingly delicious burgers from our favorite place, and I want to sit and watch my favorite program with you.”

That folks is the perfect help mate for me 365 days a year… Uncomplicated and not High- maintenance!

P.S. For those of you who are single, don’t fret. God knows what your desire is. Just don’t get ahead of Him. He will in due time give you the desires of your heart, just delight in Him like Adam did, God will see your hurt and send the person for you.

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