Manly Man of God Series Pt 1: A Man’s Word is His Life

Real Men Challenge:

Father’s Day is right around the corner, so I have decided to start a series on what a man of God is. This is for you dads and future dads, including the single men out there.

The topics will be:For Man of God Series

  • The power of a  man’s word
  • The devastation of an absent male
  • The power of a true praying leader
  • The power of the connected man
  • The power of a humble man


What’s a manly man?

What would those characteristics be to be a manly man?

Society has such a wide range of answers to this question.

When I see a magazine and look at social media, they portray men as either highly feminized or a full on lumberjack mode. Television programs want to portray males as MMA superheroes who are indestructible and can walk down a dark alley decked out in an expensive Italian suit during the wee hours without anyone bothering them.

I see others who want to portray men as these studly cross fit junkies where all they do is spend time at the gym getting stronger and more “masculine” by doing as many sets and reps as their goals dictate.

Please don’t get me wrong, all those things are not bad at all unless we get so involved and immerse ourselves to the point that each one of those things mentioned above become your number one priority.

Yet to most of the world, this is what manliness is. A guy who could grow a full beard in three days, while running a marathon with fifty-pound weights strapped on to him like a flap jacket while reading investment emails and closing the deal on a big profitable trade.

Again, if you find that man, good for you. But that is not what a manly man is.

But all these images of what a man should be are wrong. Those are things that the world lusts for. To be a strong man is not to be confused with physical power and needs to change gears to the spiritual and mental perspectives of who a man is, not what he is on the outside.

I have seen males who look incredibly manicured on the outside. Great suit, great physical body, perfectly combed hair, etc., yet they are a mess inside. Spiritually and mentally.

So here is my take on what a Godly guy should be like.

— The first trait of a manly man is this:

1. Keeping his promises and commitments.*

Yes, you read this right. A manly man is one who lets His yes be a yes, and his no be a no without flinching or going back on his word.

Give me 10 guys that do this, and I will be able to do all the things the world thinks a manly man is because they will work harder and not take advantage of anyone.**

You see, a man who keeps his word will seldom not perform to his full capacity.

This type of man once he makes a decision will seldom be wishy-washy in his decisions and therefore his commitments. ***

2. Now, of you give me 10 real men of God, and I mean fully committed to the Lord, coming along side of them, I will be able to move mountains.

You see, when a man makes the decision to commit to the Creator of the universe, he makes a commitment to becoming dependent on God and what He wants for his life. This is crucial to any man. We need to know that the leadership role God has given us is as a managers or stewards of the palace. We are to keep things up and going while we await the coming of the King.****

We don’t have to be in shape, but it helps. We don’t have to run a physical marathon, but we do run a marathon. We don’t have to be a powerlifter because God is our strength. *****


Next Manly Man post:

  • The devastation of an absent male




* Matthew 5:37

**Leviticus 25:17

*** James 1:6-10

**** 1 Corinthians 4:1

***** Psalm 46:1-2

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