Are You a Data Dumper?

“7 Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.”~ First Epistle of Peter Chapter 5 verse (1 Peter 5: 7)

When I was younger, I had a friend that I hung out with. He was a great guy and would do anything for his buddies. He had all the qualities that I find myself admiring even to this day.

Yet I could tell you that his prayer life is a one-way relationship. Why? Because his relationship with me and other people was a one-way relationship.

You see, when he would call me, he would ask all the courteous questions one expects~ “How are you doing?” “How’s the job?” Etc., he would listen to my answers intently, but then the morphing into the Rattler would start!
He would start rattling a one-way conversion that would sometimes last 10-15 minutes.
One time, I timed him, and he had been talking nonstop for at least 18 minutes before he asked me for my opinion.
When he would hang up, I felt a few things:
1. Used~ as in my ears were used as microphones for dictation. This left me:
~Cheated of friendship– because friendships are all about relationships. A to and fro relationship that allows for both people to get to know about one another by having a deep and engaging dialogue which starts by listening to what the other person or friend is trying to convey to you.
Empty Road Sign.png2. Empty~ it left me empty every time I would hang up with him. I would sit and reflect on everything that was said. Trying to figure out the constant barrage of information that had been given to me. It was like trying to read an empty road sign while driving through a lonely country highway.. Or like a personal computer that can’t handle the amount of information data being dumped into its memory. It will either freeze or crash and burn.
In the same way, we must be cautious when we are speaking with loved ones. This includes God.
~ With loved ones, it’s easy to dump our problems on them and then close up when they want to talk about their situations.
~ With God, it is not a big deal when it comes to dumping all your problems on Him. He tells us in Peter to cast all our cares or burdens on Him. Why? Because He cares for us.
But one thing is telling God all your problems like my friend did to me. But when the communication that you have with anyone person and this includes God, is just all about you and never about the other Person or persons, you are a data dumper.
~ Next time you are with your loved ones, ask them if you are one to listen to them or one that does a one-way data overload. They will be honest with you
~ Next time you are praying, which is just a word for communicating with the Almighty, before you start doing a data dump, sit and listen to Him. You’ll find He already knows what you’re going to say anyway…
If you do this, I will guarantee you that you will be filled with heavenly wisdom…

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