Thought of the Day~TRUE HEROES


Very few men get paid to play with an egg-shaped ball
Some of them are ultra-selfish, overpaid and undereducated
No real-life mentors showing them their own weight to haul
Only people taking from them~ until they are physically castrated
From all the wear and tear of their physical gallant
Most of these poor souls without skills in life outside of their training
Playing for people who won’t remember them or any their talents
Do we hold a grudge for those who have no future other than in stadiums playing
Or for the crowds of fans adoring their every move in amazement and glee?
Adoration lost for those racehorses when they no longer can perform

You ask me if we should be angry with them for taking a knee?
Be angry at yourselves for making these mentally immature players into gods?

When in truth they are but mere mortals, all dressed in uniform
Who’ve gotten everything in life moving a pigskin to and fro with betting odds
You ask me what I think of them, I tell you that I have not paid attention
Been a decade since I saw this coming, to the sport I loved so much
To those multi-million dollar players, stop making so much contention
Since you are the privileged few, complaining makes you out of touch
With the everyday real-life heroes who have the truest of calling
Those men and women who have sacrificed their lives for your spoiled rotten rantings
Our military, civil & spiritual Servants who get paid a salary that is appalling
But have more guts and courage than you’ll ever have making millions, and that is daunting

From Facebook

For what you do to get paid so filthy rich is just a silly game, so quit your whiny squalling
Here’s to the authentic heroes in our lives, who give of themselves unselfishly
Those that paid the ultimate price, whose wives and kids
hold the cherished flag so tight
Yes, the same flag that you silly men in tights try to shame, it is your right
But don’t belittle something that means so much to those very few
Who know the true meaning of moment of silence and on a knee
For those real heroes, their loved ones will never touch or see



I can’t find the person responsible for this original post. If you know him please let me know to give him or her credit.








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