1984 IS HERE!

The following is a conversation I had with myself…..and Siri….

1984 is here.png


If you ever readĀ George Orwell’s 1984, you’llĀ  know that we are already the society he was writing about. The age of big brother is here. I make light of this in the above thought I had this morning while driving my car. But government control on its citizens will get worse, the last book of the Bible in Revelation chapter 13 explains it. John speaks of a society where no one can buy or sell anything unless the person has a mark.

The mark of the beast has been a topic of conversation through the ages. But this is the first society that can say that we are getting close to having a mark or UPC code or some type of scanning code, where everyone will be ‘inked‘ up by an authoritarian entity. We have always thought it was a ruling government but with all the technological companies getting bigger and more powerful, the all seeing eye of the beast may come from one of them and be lent to the unholy Hitler type who will rule all people by total cradle to grave control.

Are we there yet? Not yet but we are close, just ask Siri or Alexa…they know more about us than we do!

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