California’s 1984 Misinformation & Disinformation Health Ministry of Truth

WARNING: Political Post. California Assembly Bill 2098–Reading the full amendment

What POTUS Biden could accomplish, the Authoritarian Big Brother State of California just did. Leave it to the people that are catering to Big Tech & Pharma to do this, while the rest of the people struggle with debt, unreachable housing & unbelieveable gas prices…If I lived any of these people’s area’s, I would vote their 6’s right out of office! They have shown they care about big businesses over the people that elected them….


QUOTE From George Orwell’s 1984
California AB-2098


California Assembly Bill 2098

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

Natural vs Vaccinated Protection

1 in 6 people die from Cancer

COVID Deaths and Comorbidity

CDC % od Covid Deaths

The Dangers of eliminating Healthy Debates and Information Deletion No Matter If Incorrect or Correct

1984 is Here

Heroes to Zeroes in Less than 60 Seconds! | Big Brother 1984

All the covid-19 Posts I’ve researched & written about

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