Month of Giving Thanks~Day 11

Day 11
A thankful son Part II

I could not be the person I am today without my mom’s other half. Today, I thank the Lord for my dad.

— He taught me the meaning of getting up before the rooster crowed. He would leave the house at predawn and come back to his family after work.
— He was also smart enough to get his highly active and fearless son to tire himself out with every sport available.
ADD/ADHD had no meaning back then. There were three types of kids.
— Stationary
— Active
— “Taz” Active

My brothers and I fit in the last category!
I excelled in most sports I played, and even the ones we made up, which I later found out was rugby without rules.
I am very grateful to you Dad. You knew that the only way to satisfy this highly strong-willed and crazy active kid was to deflate all that energy into martial arts and sports.
— The most important thing I want to thank my dad for is that he and my mom had the foresight to take me away from the neighborhood kids and place me in excellent middle and high schools.
I will forever thank you. This is where I applied what I learned about my faith and was reinforced to think I could do anything I ever set my mind to.

Now, as time has passed, my conversations with my dad are different. We speak of Godly things and still get into heated debates over politics and sports. But now our discussions focus and are about the Lord and His Word.
I can’t trade that for anything in the world.
Thanks, dad….

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