Month of Giving Thanks- The Tiniest of Seeds

Day 12~ I am a tiny Mustard Seed


Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 8.24.22 AM.png

Today I am thankful for the power of prayer. Not just any prayer but the kind of prayer which brings back people from the shadows of death. The type of prayer which moves mountains. The kind of prayer Jesus tells us about in His Gospels, and if it’s one thing I have learned, is that we take what He tells us as written in stone.

Prayer like this is still possible. If we only just believe, not like those blab it and grab or name it and claim it kinds of prayers. True prayer is a fervent prayer from a servant’s heart. The type of prayer that is touched by the Creator of the universe, the kind of intercession, that knows where the real power comes from. If we, God’s children born of His Spirit would only touch it and embrace the power behind it all.

Lord, I ask for anyone who is reading this, to realize that You are above all creation. You created all living things. You can give us faith like a tiny mustard seed, why? Because it is not by our power or might, but by Your incredible and glorious Spirit Lord.
This incredible type of prayer is the type of prayer You want form us.

The action of  placing trust in You Lord is what causes the most amazing miracle. The miracle of You listening to Your children and then moving us behind You to watch the process. This all takes place on your side Lord. Right in Your heavenly throne room. Everything is done there. We don’t have the power, we just need to have the power of faith. This is all you ask of us. You don’t ask us to move mountains. You don’t ask us to revive the dead. You don’t ask us to heal the sick before You ask us to have the faith of a mustard seed, it is then that Your power and glory are shown.
It is You who has the power which Your Son Jesus holds. It is He who does all the work for us. If only we have the faith of a tiny mustard seed. We don’t need to have trust the size of a mountain to move a mountain. You ask us to have the faith of the tiniest of seeds.
Why? Because we just need to know that we know where the power of prayer comes from~ By You and only through Your Son Jesus. Thank You, Lord, may I have this tiny faith in you. Because when I am weak, you become my strength. When I am wavering, You become my Rock and my Fortress.
The power of prayer is not by my own strength and might but by Your supernatural Holy Spirit who gives me faith to do all things through You… In Jesus’ mightiest and Holiest of Names…Amen.


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