Month of Giving Thanks- Day 22

The wife of my youth, 33 years and counting….

Lord thank you for my marriage. 1984 was a good year for me. Contrary to the Orwellians, the world had not ended and individual rights were still intact.

I had dated the girl I knew would be my wife, for over 2 years.

33 year’s ago today, we were kids who were ready to take on the world together. We were too naive to think we would fail. We came into the marriage knowing we would not divorce. Through the crazy times and a whole lot of good times, the Lord has carried us through the present.

It is said that a man’s life can be traced to pivotal moments in time.

Lord, marrying my high school sweetheart was the second most pivotal of my life.

Knowing Your love and grace is, and will always be first.

Thank you for leading us patiently through our marriage. I would not change a thing! You, Lord, have all the credit…

One thought on “Month of Giving Thanks- Day 22

  1. This is beautiful. What an inspiration and example of unconditional love! The Lord has mightily used your marriage to minister to people, and we’re blessed to see you LIVE your Love day in and day out.

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