The Virus In Our Society | School Shootings…

The moral death of a society is very subtle. People don’t take notice until it’s too late.

It usually starts with the leadership in the country. No, it’s not the political leaders or the administration in schools. It’s not in the city halls. Where it starts is in the home.

You see, a school shooting is a symptom. A symptom of a deeply seeded virus permeating through a society’s weakened immune system. Wherever this contagion takes hold, its roots run deep.

This unholy virus starts in the family nucleus. If the structure of the family nucleus is malnourished and dry, cancer will have a field day spreading through as much square mileage as possible. I call this type of virus the Unholy Breaking Down of Society Virus or the UBDS Virus.

Virus Spreading

This UBDS Virus can be casually spread through multiple family contacts and thrives at its best when the family structure splinters into several broken pieces called divorce. The more broken pieces it can live off of, the stronger and faster UBDS gets.

The way UBDS spreads is through pride, indifference and lack of communication.

The pride and indifference start as husband and wife become increasingly self-indulged in their pursuit of personal pleasure while the family suffers from spiritual and mental malnutrition, while the body enjoys a plethora of buffet style pleasures. The more mom and dad teach their kids about the selfish desires of having it all without any moral consequences, the weaker the family structure gets.

Once this pride, indifference, and self-indulgence virus comes in contact with immediate family members or close friends, the UBDS Virus starts to invade the others.

The person infected by this ungodly virus has a weakened his or her moral structure, deteriorating even the best of marriages and family structures.

As soon as this virus takes root, the person is a walking patient zero. Whoever comes into contact with patient zero, will ultimately succumb to UBDS and thus, spreading this deadly malignancy at a faster rate. Person to person, home to home.

Once UBDS spreads to those under 21 years of age, those that are infected don’t have the maturity to think things through. They also don’t have the necessary antibodies to withstand its morally declining effects of acting in a zombie apocalypse-like manner towards all whom they deem an enemy.

These vulnerable kids were not taught to keep virus free, and the consequences of pride, indifference, and self-indulgence have had dire results in the family nucleus while oozing out on to society.

UBDS is flaring up more frequently in recent years. It has taken 55 years for the effects of the virus to decimate our country.

The beginning of the end of this country started when the virus spread through the Supreme Court in 1962* and the necessary antitoxin needed to stop this scourge got banned from public education institutions all over this country. The one cure to prevent the spread of this virus was deemed not worthy of having a place in our schools.

So fast forward over a century and look through all the social media outlets. Murders, shootings, ethnic division, and manifestations.

The breakdown of society is at our door steps…no it has broken through our doors. We can’t take security for granted anymore.

I submit to you a solution. It is simple and effective. All it takes is for us as a people to humble ourselves, come together in one accord and say that we don’t have all the answers to life’s terrible problems.

We need a higher power to come to our aid and administer life-saving intervention. We need God back in our lives, our schools and places of worship. Yes, I said places of worship. We need to hear the full counsel of God and not just the politically-correct-touchy-feel-good side. We need to understand that our actions have dreadful consequences. We need to learn that we will have to pay for our immoral acts.

The most important thing we must do is not allow this Ungodly Virus to keep spreading. The only way we can stop it dead in its tracks is to root it out from the far and wide grasp it has in our homes.

We need to bring God back into homes, schools, and places of worship with all of His full counsel. We have to stop picking and choosing which scriptures are good for us and which ones we can erase because we don’t like what they say. Human laws will not vanish God.  A society without Christ will not make individual hearts feel better; it will only make them feel more bitter and empty.

In Christ there is life, and life more abundant**. We can’t keep fighting God and His moral Truths. How do I know this? Just look at what 55 years of not having the Christ and the Bible has done to our society….Come back to God and ask His Son Jesus into your lives. I promise it will kill the vicious virus spreading through this land. Jesus is the only One that can change the evil we are witnessing. He is the Great Healer***; He can heal this land…

HOW TO KNOW GOD~ Click below if you want to know more about God:

Billy Graham1

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