Tale of Two Trees | The Cross of Christ

“For this is how God loved the world: He gave his uniquely existing Son so that everyone who believes in him would not be lost but have eternal life.”~ John 3:16 ISV

We’ve been going through the Book of Genesis and the one thing that we see is that the snake was (Satan), and still is a very smart and subtle creature. More so than any other animal or person on earth.

His (Satan’s) main weapon is to plant a seed of doubt. His second weapon is to fill you to the brim with pride:

Did Elohim really say this?… Does God really want you to stay pure?… Do you really think that drinking and driving is bad? I think you can handle a few beers and then go home, you can even go slowly by streets.

But the biggest and most dangerous lie is this:

Oh come on! Do you really think a loving God would only have one way to get to heaven? You know that all religions lead to heaven, right? His Son Jesus is not the only way. He died on the cross for the people who are too weak to follow any other religion. Can you see how these Christians need Jesus as a crutch? But you can work your way into paradise when you die by doing ________, and by doing ________. If it was that easy just to ask God for forgiveness, don’t you think all religions would ask the same thing? But why is Christianity the ONLY one that asks you to do something so easy as just asking Jesus to forgive you? You know I’m right, you have to work your way to heaven by doing more good than bad!

Satan knows human weakness. Not because he is all-knowing like God, but because he has been here on earth a very long time, longer than humans! He has perfected his destructive plan and knows how to destroy people. Do not listen to anything that you know is wrong. And please, do not fall for the subtle lie that Jesus’ death doesn’t mean a thing.

You see, the snake did his most destructive achievement in the Garden. When he sold Adam and Eve on eating the fruit. The fruit that would start a death clock the minute they ate of it. His best work was done by leading them towards the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil

Thousands of years later, we see the same devious snake doing his evil work. But now, the crafty snake is trying to lure you away from the Tree of Life that Jesus hung on.

That Tree thousands of years later was cold, stained and bare of any fruit. Yet, as Jesus hung there, His famous words, Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing,” resonated back in time to the moment in the garden, when our original befallen parents, Adam and Eve, had lost their paradise.

The Bible doesn’t say it, but, I am strongly inclined to think that Jesus went back to the scene at the garden, right to Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, and was thinking of the first two unfortunate creatures who would not be the last to fall for the snake’s lies.The Real Tree of Life_Oscar Roca.png

If you are tired of the lies this world has given you. If you have done everything to satisfy your bodily cravings, and yet you still feel empty and lost, come to the Tree that gives life! The Tree where Jesus the Savior hung on. The Tree that you could finally hang all your problems and emptiness or despair on. Jesus is saying, I forgive you, just ask Me and I will come into your life. You will have life, and more abundantly. Don’t let the snake fool you, he is a thief and a liar. Ask Jesus to give you more than the life you have now. Jesus will give you real life, not the counterfeit oil the snake has been selling you up to now…

How to have Peace and Know God:

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Harvest Crusade

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