That is some excellent Patchwork, Mr. Roberts |Dodgers

I try not to go by emotions anymore, I go by facts.
Just to clarify, I am extremely disappointed by the Dodgers losing. But I’m not calling for Roberts to be fired. Are you kidding me? What this man has done in three years is impressive.
My Dodgers met up with the best team in baseball period, end of story.
Before the series, a buddy of mine and I were kicking back at the beach, drinking coffee. He told me that these guys (Red Sox) were good, really good,
If anyone knows me, I usually will take anything you say about the Dodgers as a challenge. But I had to ‘be kind and rewind’ in my brain, at all the facts about this past season.
My buddy was right, Boston was not just good, they were scary. What they did this season was incredible.
Now back to my Dodgers. Now that I slept my Dodgers Blues away., what this team did was just as incredible, with the talent that was handed to them.
They were depleted early in the season. Key players were popping into the DL list like popcorn kernels left on the road in Death Valley during July.
Yet, somehow these Boys in Blue made it to the World Series.
Let’s look at some facts:

  • In April & May:
    Boston was at top of the American League.
    Dodgers were 5th from the bottom of the National League.
  • In June:
    Boston was at the top of the American League.
    Dodgers were 6th from the top, leap-frogging 4 teams!
  • In July:
    Boston was, yes, you guessed it, still on top of all American League.
    Dodgers were at #3 in overall standings for the National League.
  • In August:
    Boston yawn…
    Dodgers went back to #6 spot overall in National League.
  • In September:
    Boston…Still, #1 Overall, with 91 games won.
    Dodgers were sitting in 7th spot overall in the National League.
  • At the end of September:
    Boston had won 108 games. They would finish with 108 games won.
    Dodgers were 3rd in their overall standings in National League with 92 games won.
  • We are almost at the end of October. The Dodgers lost to the best team in baseball.
  • They made the best team in Baseball go 18 innings. Held this team to 2 runs and 7 hits that historical day!
WS 18.png
WS 18 innings

Yes, the Dodgers lost the series. Yes, they sometimes played like they were still in 6th place overall. Yes, it hurt.

But in life, I would rather get advise from 9 friends who have gone through Hades, than 9 friends that have always had it easy.

Those 9 friends who have gone through the Mojave desert and survived are infinitely more valuable than those that had it made from the start. They are the ones that I would depend on if my life was in danger.

Why? Because those ragged 9, have banded together from the bottom of the heap. Those rough ridden 9 know what life is about. It’s not just getting the best of the best and being on top. It’s about getting average Joe’s and making themselves a great team.

You take Boston, who was there at the Big Show’s Greatest Week from the start of the season.

I’ll take my Ragged 9 Boys in Blue all day, every day. They showed what true heart and grit are all about.

Hold your head up gents, you weren’t supposed to be where you were at the end. That is some excellent patchwork, Mr. Roberts. I hope you stay here for a few more years.  What you have done in 3 years in simply a well orchestrated achievement. Now bring in reinforcements for next season and see if we can’t be in the Big Show’s Greatest Week for the third time in a row…

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