Thanksgiving 2018 |Gift of Salvation

As this month draws closer to the Thanksgiving weekend, I have been writing on my journal all the things I am thankful for. Yet I missed putting it on social media. This was done on purpose, so I could simply give you the most important thing I am thankful in my life.

Gving thanks.png

I am thankful for…

  • The gift of salvation through Jesus our Lord and Savior.

This is the most important blessing in my life. It is God’s greatest of gifts to mankind. It is where I have become who I am. It is nothing I have done but everything that God is doing for me.

  • Jesus died on the cross and paid a horrible price. For me!
  • The price I should have paid. But didn’t!
  • Jesus took my sins and paid for them by dying on the cross. For me!
  • As soon as I knew what Christ had done for me, I felt an emptiness in my stomach and knew I had to ask Jesus to forgive me. 

You see, whenever there is a car chase on television, you see the helicopter lights are turned on in darkness, every detail on the place the spotlight is pointing to, showing incredible and minute detail.

Ault-Bright Light at Russell’s Corners 1946

Anything crawling on the ground can be seen. Anything which is hidden in the darkness is brought up front and center of the light.

  • As I asked God to forgive me from all the bad things I had done and thought of, something happened in that instant.
  • Jesus, took those sins and as if by a space-time continuum, nailed them at the cross where He was hanging.
  • When Jesus hung on that cross, He took every sin there ever was, and would be, and absorbed them into the bloody cross, dripping with His perfect blood.
  • As if the wooden beams which made up the cross were absorbing everything unholy into the cracks and crevices, never to seep out of the grainy, splintery pieces ever again.

Just like the scarlet worm which digs itself into the grainy wood when it’s time to bring about the next generation of scarlet worms; the worm will never move again while the little ones start nourishing from its body. Jesus hung in that cross and gave His life for us to be forever sustained by Him spiritually. Add I am the bread of life and Take this and eat it…this is my body…

Brings me back to thinking about the Psalm regarding the verse saying but “I am a worm, and no man; a reproach of men, and despised of the people.”

  • I was one of those offspring who killed my heavenly Dad in order for me to be forever nourished and counted to be saved by that scarlet blood…

May all of you be blessed this Holy Day Season. May you come to know the saving grace of Jesus…

Get to know Jesus. You won’t regret it!

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